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Queen of Turns on the Beam

March 15, 2009

The first thing I would like to show you, is an impressive balance beam routine I found on YouTube. It´s from the Dutch Trials for the European Championships. Sanne Wevers is doing five (!!) different turns in one routine: a double turn with leg up, a single turn with leg up into a single turn leg bent into a double turn leg bent, a triple (!) turn. Unfortunately she falls on the triple turn.

Her sister Lieke Wevers also competed – she did “only” three turns in her balance beam routine.

Do you know other gymnasts, who did triple turns on beam?

Let´s start!

March 15, 2009

Hello everyone!

After “Triple full” gave up their blog, I had the impression, blogs about the wonderful sport of gymnastic are disappearing more and more. That´s why I just thought about opening my own small but nice gymnastic blog.  I´m a huge fan of gymnastic and I love to read all the exciting things happening in the gymnastics world on “gymblog”, “gymnastics coaching” and all the other sites on the internet. My first language is german as I´m from Berlin. So, there will probably be some mistakes, but I hope my english is not too bad!

Hope you enjoy it and give some comments!