Grandpa of gymnastics

“Solange mein Körper mitspielt und ich auf hohem Niveau turnen kann, solange gibt es keinen Grund aufzuhören.” Espen Jansen (40)

(my translation:) “As long as my body plays along and I´m able to do gymnastics on a high level, there´s no reason to quit.”

Epsen Jansen (NOR), 40 years young

Espen Jansen (NOR), 40 years young

Two years ago in Stuttgart, the Norwegian gymnast Espen Jansen was the oldest competitor ever, who competed at a World Championships. Additional, he attended as sole gymnast 13 (!) World Championships – other elite gymnasts participate in the sport for less than 13 years.

This weekend, he starts in Cottbus at the Tournament of Masters. (Oh yes, he´s a real Master!) He does pommel horse, rings, parallel bars and high bar.

Here´s a funny exhibition on high bar he did last year:

Read the full article about Jansen on (only in german 😦 ).

Do you know who´s the second oldest elite gymnast ever?

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  1. Amy Says:

    Thank you so much for creating your blog! I miss Triple Full, it was so great, so it is exciting to see you have started one! I have enjoyed all the posts so far 🙂

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