REAL artistry in gymnastics

A lot of people complain about the lost of artistry in womens artistic gymnastics. So let´s take a look at acrobatic gymnastics!

In the Code of Points of acrobatic gymnastics they have a A- (10 points), D- (10 points) and E-Score (10 points). D stands for Difficulty, E stands for Execution (as it is in artistic gymnastic) … and A stands for Artistry :-)! Judges are allowed to take deductions for the lack of artistry, choreography, musical interpretation, variety in the elements, presentation, originality, use of space…

And that´s how it works:

Julie van Gelder and Sam Pauwels (BEL) at the European Championships 2007 (combined exercise) – they won gold.

Another fantastic mixed pair from Belgium are Amber van Wijk and Nik de Roeck: They play angel and devil together on the floor. (At the International Age Group Competition / World Championships in Glasgow last year they placed 2nd with the combined exercise.)

In my opinion, the routines are so artistic and creative – it´s always a pleasure to watch the difficult but also powerful exercises (the pairs do balance exercises, dynamic exercises and combined exercises).

It would be great if artistic gymnastics opens up a little bit and also allows a few deductions for boring, uninspired floor routines.

6 Responses to “REAL artistry in gymnastics”

  1. Katrina Says:

    I like the first pair better…

    I think a part of the problem is also the same type of music is being used, the fast, club type music and that’s fine once and a while but it seems like a lot (though not all, Shawn Johnson’s 2008-9 music comes to mind) are using it. I would like to see more variety in music.

  2. Ginagym Says:

    woww! Julie van Gelder and Sam Pauwels’ routine is great! i like acrobatic gymnast although i have not watched it on tv so much like artistic gymnastics perhaps because this disicpline is comun in north european but not in USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc… isn’t it? thanks for videos, it’s very interesting watch it on youtube and so diferent thing that artistic gymnastics but wiht artistic movements!

  3. Cidlover Says:

    Sometimes a lot of groups’ choreography makes cringe.

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