What happend to… Karin Janz?

Do you remember Karin Büttner-Janz (GDR)?

A few decades back – when East Germany still existed as an independent country – Karin Janz had her days of glory: She won several medals at European and World Championships and at the Olympic Games in 1986 (UB – silver, Team – bronze) and 1972 (VT & UB – gold, Team & AA – silver, BB – bronze).

Last month, my roommate asked me, if I know someone called “Karin Janz”. I was surprised to hear the name, because my roommate is absolutely not interested in the sport of gymnastics. But she does her education at an hospital and guess which whom she stood this day at the operating table?

Yes, she worked with Karin Janz, who has become a very successfull doctor. Karin Janz is chief physician of an orthopedic hospital here in Berlin. (& She is the co-owner of a patent for artificial spine discs.)

So, let´s enjoy once again her goldmedal-winning uneven bars routine, knowing that there´s a promising future for her after her athletic career:

At the end of the routine she does the “Janz-Salto”.

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