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Boy injured!

March 19, 2009

German Olympian Philipp Boy can´t compete at the 33rd World Cup meet “Tournament of Masters” in his hometown Cottbus this weekend due to an injury at his hand. Nevertheless, he will cheer for his teammates after a medical examination on Sunday.

Philipp Boy, 21 years young

Philipp Boy, 21 years young

Of course, I will report the event!

(There´s a chance, that I attend the finals on Sunday.)

Utah bar routines

March 19, 2009

Anne Phillips from Gymnastike has filmed a full set of Utah bar routines from a practice on March 5th.

Check it out!

In my opinion, Kristina Baskett, Nina Kim and Gael Mackie would have scored a 9.9 or higher in competition. But I´m no expert – what do you think?

A peek on the Europeans

March 19, 2009

The European Artistic  Championships 2009 will take place in Milan, Italy. From March 31 to April 5 we will hopefully see good routines, in which the gymnast and coaches considered the new code of points wisely!

No team competition will be held – Romania keeps the title for another year.

Delegations from Japan, United States and Canada among others plan to follow the events on site in order to study the athletes, teams, the new code of points and the organization.

Check out the official website in Italian and English!

A clip for now and then: (1)

March 19, 2009

One of my favorite floor routines done by one of my favorite gymnasts: Isabelle Severino (FRA)!

Do I have to explain?

First teams reach Cottbus!

March 19, 2009

The countdown to the opening of  the 33. Tournament of Masters in Cottbus this weekend starts!

Delegations from Brazil, China, Puerto Rico and Japan arrived yesterday. The Belgian and French teams are expected to arrive today and tomorrow, on Thursday, the rest of the gymnasts from altogether 28 nations will reach Cottbus (a 100 000 habitants-city in the east of Germany).

Lausitz-Arena in Cottbus

Lausitz-Arena in Cottbus

The competition will be held in the Lausitz-Arena.

The German competitors Anja Brinker and Kim Bui made a clear statement: “Wir wollen zeigen, was wir draufhaben.” – “We want to show, what we´ve got.”