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Roster for Europeans – Countdown starts

March 20, 2009

International Gymnast gives us the official roster for the upcoming European Championships. The competition starts in only 10 days!

Click here to read the article (+ the list of competitors).

I´m looking forward to see hopefully nice, solid routines!

We´ll get, for example, another chance to watch the powerful and creative floor exercise of Yana Demyanchuk (UKR):

Check out this video from amygym on YouTube!

World Cup in Cottbus – final results

March 20, 2009

The qualification results and a short summary of part 1 and part 2 (in German & in English) are edited on the official internet site

competition arena

competition arena

Here are the qualification results. Ladies first:

Womens Vault:

  1. Ariella Käslin (SUI) – 14,425 (handspring–somersault fwd. 1/1 twist & Yurchenko 1/1 twist)
  2. Aagije Vanwalleghem (BEL)  – 14,325
  3. Kim Bui (GER) – 13,725
  4. Sidney Sanabria (PUR) – 13,725
  5. Laura Gombas (HUN) – 13,475
  6. Ildiko Farkas (HUN) – 13,275
  7. Wyomi Masela (NED) – 13,275
  8. Yasmin Zimmermann (SUI) – 13,225

Womens Uneven Bars:

  1. Kim Bui (GER) – 14,150
  2. Wyomi Masela (NED) – 13,450
  3. Aagje Vanwalleghem (BEL) – 13,350
  4. Ethiene Franco (BRA) – 13,250
  5. Lucia Tacchelli (SUI) – 13,200
  6. Anja Brinker (GER) – 13,200
  7. Hu Yuhong (CHN) – 13,000
  8. Lieke Wevers (NED) – 12,900

Early in the season (but only a few days before the Europeans) the gymnast showed a lot of falls on the bars. Hopefully, they will fix their routines!


Gymnastic films

March 20, 2009

Who doesn´t like movies whose main character is a cute little girl doing gymnastic or a powerful confident women doing gymnastic or a strong good looking guy doing gymnastic or whoever doing gymnastic?!

I compiled a (surely not complete) list of films about gymnasts & their problems with doing the sport they love (and sometimes hate).

The linked movies are free to watch on YouTube:

  1. Nadia (1984, part 1 disappeared mysteriously since I watched it; only part 2 to the end available, but it´s still worth to relive the athletic career of the “perfect gymnast” from Romania)
  2. Little girls in pretty boxes (1997, watch a cute little girl struggling on her way to nearly become an elite gymnast for the United States)
  3. Perfect Body ( it´s about a gymnast, who develops eating disorders after her coach asks her to lose weight)
  4. American Anthem (1986, the first part is unfortunately mute – but after that you will see a nice and sometimes unrealistic movie about a “bad boy” returning to gymnastics and a pretty girl, who´s the new gymnast in town… a touch of romance is in the wind! ;-))
  5. Stick it (2006, a more modern and funny story about the gymnastics world in the United States with fashionable leotards – “it´s not called GymNiceTic” :-))
  6. Reach For the Sky (1991, two young gymnasts from a small Romanian town want to compete at the best gymnastic school in the country)
  7. The Gymnast (2006, Making of, sorrowful ex-gymnast Jane falls again in love with the sport and her partner Serena doing an aerial acrobatic act together)
  8. White Palms (2006,  Trailer, watch the troubles between Hungarian coach Miklos- a former gymnastic champion – and young Canadian gymnast Kyle)
  9. Peaceful Warrior (2006, Trailer, a talented gymnast meets a spiritual guide & suffers a car accident – a very short summary)

At that time…



…and this day.


The Gymnast - a gymnastic movie far away from cute little girls

If you don´t know the films yet: Have a nice weekend :-)!

If you know other gymnastics films, please leave a comment!

A clip for now and then: (2)

March 20, 2009

The Junior World Champions 2006 in Acrobatics Gymnastics:

Her flexibility is amazing!