Aesthetic Gymnastics

Have you ever heard of Aesthetic Gymnastic?

I haven´t, so I was surprised to find a clip of a World Cup in 2008 with seven girls from Bulgaria doing something (like rhythmic gymnastic but without apparatus) called “aesthetic gymnastic”.

They are dancing perfectly & the choreography is amazing!

I did a little research. The International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics was founded in 2003 – Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) exists since 1996. In 2000, the first World Championships were held in Helsinki (FIN).

But what is AGG?

Here´s the “official” answer:

“Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is a discipline of gymnastics based on stylized, natural total body movement. The sport involves harmonious, rhythmic, and dynamic movements performed with economical and natural use of strength. There is a natural flow from one movement to the next, as if each new movement is created from the previous one. All movements must be performed fluently, showing amplitude and variety in the dynamics and speed.”

Check out the official website: !

One Response to “Aesthetic Gymnastics”

  1. giRafe Says:

    When I was yound, I did a little bit of competitive rythmic gymnastics. For the lowest levels (I, II, III and maybe novice) there was a “apparatus category” named Free hands (which was a category just like Ball, Roop and Hoop).

    It looked exactly the same as this video: rythmic gymnastic with some required elements that are the same as the routine with apparatus but with more elegance and dance since you have to compensate for the absence of the apparatus. This category was normally in our competition as some girls doing Free Hands were competing against girls doing Clubs or Hoop…

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