Update: Ferrari WILL compete at Europeans!

Vanessa Ferrari will definitly compete at the European Championships.

There´s a short post on the official website of the 2009 European Championships, held in Milan:

“Today the italian coach Fulvio Vailati has formalized the female team: among the 4 athlets there will be the european champion Vanessa Ferrari. Paola Galante, Lia Parolari and Emily Army will share her dream of a continental gold medal.”

But why is Serena Licchetta no longer on the team? That would be a pity! 😦

Italian women

Italian women

As the official site of FIG told us, both 2007 Individual All-Around Champions Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) and Maxim Deviatovski (RUS) will not compete at the upcoming European Championships 2009. In case of Vanessa Ferrari, this is obviously wrong.

On the website of the European Championships, Vanessa is on several photos entitled “female team” or “Italian team”.

I´m exciting to see her compete again – we have to see what she can do!

Ferrari at the 2006 World Championships

Ferrari at the 2006 World Championships

(photo: www.gymnasticsunited.com)

(Hopefully, I don´t have to do another update and this is a final decision! :-))

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