A propos smiles in gymnastics…

Is there any competitor in the sport of gymnastics, who will be able to hold a candle to Irina Risenson (ISR)?

On the carpet…

Click play or watch it on YouTube!

…and off the carpet – she always gives us a beautiful smile!

Click play or watch it on YouTube!

I really would love to see more smiles in womens artistic gymnastics 🙂

Or do you prefer the serious look?

Anamaria Tamirjan (ROU)
Andreea Acatrinei (ROU)

(photo via www.gymfan.de)

3 Responses to “A propos smiles in gymnastics…”

  1. ssi Says:

    YAY for irina! she is from ISrael!! she is really great- always smiling and working very very hard! the country doesnt help her much but look to wheere she got! finals in the olympics!!
    good job! finnaly some-one notices her…

  2. geo Says:

    The Romanian gymnast on the picture is not Ana-Maria Tamarjan, but Andreea Acatrinei (who recently retired).

  3. gymnicetic Says:

    You´re right! Just copied the wrong subtitle and didn´t notice…
    Now it´s correct 🙂 – thank you for your comment

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