WOGA report about child care license

Gymnastics Coaching recently reported about a new bill, which could weaken heavily the sport of gymnastics in Texas, USA:

“Cliffnotes: a senator is getting a bill voted on soon that would require facilities where kids train more than 10 hours a week to be child care licensed. All the ways that would impact gyms, coaches, athletes, and parents are listed below …”

Read the full entry.

Texas Cable News covers these news with an article & a television report from the WOGA training center in Plano.

Ivana Hong

For a few seconds, you can see Ivana Hong training in the gym and hear what she thinks:

“We just want to come here and train,” said 2008 Olympic alternate Ivana Hong. “This is nothing like a day care at all.”

2 Responses to “WOGA report about child care license”

  1. Gymnastics Coaching » Blog Archive » gymnastics - nothing like a day care Says:

    […] GymNiceTic linked to the one interview I wanted to see – WOGA’s Yevgeny Marchenko. […]

  2. Katrina Says:

    I don’t like most of this bill but I think the idea about the sprinklers is a good idea. They should be updated…

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