Leotards, leotards, leotards

What´s the best accessoriness about the sport gymnastics?

While other sportswomen only wear boring tricots and uniforms, gymnasts have the great opportunity to express themselves with a good (and sometimes bad) choice of a  shiny or sparkling (or both), uni- or multicoloured and hopefully always pretty leotard, which underlines on the one hand the gymnasts personality, and on the other hand represents (at least in international competitions) their country.

There are a lot of posts about worn leotards. So I would like to show you six really strange, interesting and also beautiful leotards, which I haven´t seen on an elite gymnast so far.

  • The British brand Milano sells new and fresh leotards.

Have you ever seen strapless leotards in competition? Would it be okay? (I´m not sure.)

"Funky logo"

"Funky logo"

I really like the mix of all the rainbow-colours, but for some taste it might be too colourful…



I would love to see the judge´s faces, when a gymnast walks on the podium in this:

"Funny bones bodice"

"Funny bones bodice"

Okay, this isn´t a leotard for competitions, but it´s really nice for workouts (a cool pullover in the same look is also available).


  • The American company GK makes very good leotards.

One of them I really like, it´s from the Nastia Gold Medal Collection: It definitly underlines everyone´s goal to win a medal!


"Nastia Strappy Leotard"

  • A real “artist” in the world of leotards, is the Frenchman Christian Moreau. He often created the leotards for the Romanian team. In my opinion, the leotard below is absolutely gorgeous.


These are the three big companies.

Do you know others or do you know smaller ones, which create interesting and beautiful leotards however? Do you have one special leotard, you would like to see on a special gymnast? Please leave a comment! 🙂

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15 Responses to “Leotards, leotards, leotards”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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  8. Mladen Grujic Says:

    Good day friend, that is an example of most well written posts on given subject I’ve examine lately. Wording is well written, in fact it is not very long for reading. Kind of publishing is both clear to most of folks, yet its not basic. Mate, you hit golden ratio here, continue the good work!

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  10. ste Says:

    jagwear makes leotard in canada!

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  13. Anvar Says:

    http://gymnastics-fantastic.com/leotards/simple/natural/ I like this bright leotards with all my soul!)
    they are so colourful and still very cheap!)

  14. Gymnastics fantastic Says:

    Leotards from the leading Russian produder

  15. Jessy Says:

    Great Leotards from Russia are here http://gymnastics-fantastic.com/

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