EU Womens Qualification Results

Russian Semenova won the qualifications!

This are the first ten gymnasts – for all results click here.

1. Ksenia Semenova (RUS) – 57.625

2. Anamaria Tamirjan (ROU) – 57.275

3. Aagje van Walleghem (BEL) – 56.150

4. Yana Demyanchuk (UKR) – 55.800

5. Rebecca Downie (GBR) – 55.675

6. Valentyna Holenkova (UKR) – 55.475

7. Anja Brinker (GER) – 55.400

8. Wyomi Masela (NED) – 55.375

9. Hannah Whelan (GBR) – 55.375

10. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) – 55.250

Gymmedia posted some informations in German.

Only 12 of 32 countries used the possibility to send four gymnasts. 62 out of the 85 gymnasts did all four apparatus.

– Ksenia Semenova fell on the uneven bars 😦 – 14.425 (D 6.5)

– Ksenia Afanasyeva fell twice on beam and touched the floor after double somersault backward – she didn´t qualify for the all-around (54.575). Kristina Goryunova (54.725) was better.

– Sandra Izbasa didn´t make the finals on beam. She fell doing a somersault – 13.075. On floor she got 14.475 points and we will see her once again!

– Elizabeth Tweddle showed a difficult bars routine and got 15.275. She also hit her floor routine: 14.975.

– Only Elizabeth Tweddle and Anja Brinker got more than 15 points (both on uneven bars).

– Both athletes from Germany reached the final: Kim Bui, 22. (54.225) and Anja Brinker (55.400), 7.; Bui will do the vault final and Brinker the bars final

Altogether, the long-standing competition wasn´t spectacular; neither to the experts, nor to the viewers (around 2.000).

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  1. Amy Says:

    Yay go Yana!!!

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