Man of the day – Matthias Fahrig!

At the event finals of the European Championships today, Matthias Fahrig (GER) won a silver medal on floor (15.400) and a bronze on vault (16.235) – he´s definitly back in the game and will have good chances to represent Germany at the Worlds in London. Congratulations for this successful comeback after causing some troubles and not being allowed to go to the Olympics because of disciplin problems.

Watch his floor exercise on YouTube!

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote a really nice, interesting and honest report about the selfnamed hedonist Fahrig.

Der Lebenskünstler Fahrig

Ein Künstler am Boden und im Leben: Matthias Fahrig

Ein Künstler am Boden und im Leben: Matthias Fahrig

05. April 2009 Feuerwehrmann wollte das Kind werden, dann Astronaut – und schließlich Olympiasieger. Bis Matthias Fahrig merkte, dass diese ihn so beeindruckenden chinesischen Turner „tierisch lange dafür gearbeitet haben“, um zur Perfektion zu gelangen. Da beschloss er, doch „erst mal klein anzufangen“. Und nun „bin ich der Springer, der verrückte Sachen macht“. Dem bei der Europameisterschaft in Mailand an diesem Sonntag ein „Dragulescu“, ein Handstand-Überschlag mit Salto und halber Drehung, eine Medaille einbringen soll. „Welche, das ist mein Geheimnis.“…

And now in English:

The hedonist Fahrig

The child wanted to be fireman, then astronaut – and finally Olympic Champion. Until Matthias Fahrig recognized, that the Chinese gymnasts, which impressed him so much, worked really, really hard, to reach perfection. Then he decided, to start from scratch. And now, “I´m the tumbler, who does crazy things”. At the European Championships in Milan this Sunday, the “Dragulescu”, a handspring double somersault forward with a half twist, shall bring him a medal. “It´s my secret which one.” [Now we know, it´s bronze!]
Matthias Fahrig already placed third at a European Championships – on floor. This success dates back only two years, but it seems like an eternity. “They say, it can´t be only an accident: EU-Third, championship title, winner at World Cups. There is a lot of work behind it. Then it works obviously.” These thoughts emerged in a time, in which Fahrig trained in the gym with only one goal: “I wanted back. With the aid of achievement.” A lot of times before, he kicked over the traces. Because of some cases of indiscipline, those responsible of the German Gymnastics Association removed him from the national team. The World Championships 2007 in Stuttgart and the Olympic Games in Beijing happend without Fahrig.
Lately, Fahrig started to reflect.
“There were some things, which didn´t fit to the sport.”, Fahrig says. He thought, that he only needs talent, “and every now and again, it worked”. Today, he knows, “that you cannot only calculate on talent.” The exclusion from the team hurt, “because it was against my attitude.” But the selfnamed hedonist started to reflect. “I woke up slowly.” For a long time, he works together with the psychologist Grit Reihmann and learns among other things, “that you can relax – normally, I have a big problem therewith.” Sometimes, he just can´t sleep, because he doesn´t know, if he´s tired or not.
Consequently, he started his education as a management assistant in sports and fitness at the Sports Association Saxony-Anhalt [Sachsen-Anhalt], in three month, he graduates. Karola Knorscheidt, his educational chief, became a confidential person for him. “She supports me, she knows, how to build me up, but also how to put me in my place. She always says the right thing.”
In order not to bar his way again, “which he wants to go from the inside”, says head coach Andreas Hirsch, Fahrig needs people, on which he can depend and which are his biggest critics. He needs to get the feel, “to be in good hands and not always on the run.” Finally, he´s very social, doesn´t know enviousness and is acollegial and happy guy. “But this happiness, to be inspired by situations and to do some mistakes, that´s his problem”, Hirsch says. “He is hardly calculable.” Therefore, in Fahrig´s life might still be runaways in the future. In the past, he also affected his teammates. Nevertheless, Fahrig is an important member of the team. His happiness influences the others. “But he´s also blithe in inappropriate situations”, Hirsch says. [Now, there´s a metaphor, which tells us, that Hirsch tries to control and calm Fahrig.]

Meanwhile, the head coach and his gymnast often laugh together. Matthias Fahrig nearly never has bad mood. “Life is fun. It´s just so great.” His friends and his family are very important for Fahrig. “The sport is very important, too.” Gymnastics is his passion, which he discovered after he hit a window of the gym in Wittenberg with a football (soccer). “I don´t do gymnastics because somebody brought me in the gym, but because I went there by myself.” It´s always a fulfillment to say: I did the new element!

But he did the most difficult exercises in the past two years. Now, I´m no child anymore, the 23 year old Matthias Fahrig says, “I´m adult.” He doesn´t have a grudge against those, who suspended him. Everything was all right. “As I´m sitting here with my new attitude, I think: Nobody did something wrong.”

[But surely I did some things wrong in this translation. Sorry for the mistakes – leave a comment if you find a really bad error! But hopefully, you still get the article and enjoy it. :-)]

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    […] called bad boy Matthias Fahrig the Man of the Day: At the event finals of the European Championships today, Matthias Fahrig (GER) won a silver medal […]

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    Thank you for your translation! very informative 🙂

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