Europeans 2009 in Review

Just for those, who lost the track of the European Championships this year: The All Around posted a review about the good, the just ok and the bad.

The good

The modifications of the Code of Points are still too recent to make valuations of it, but on floor the routines are already better than during recent years. It’s not a big improvement choreography wise, but at least the routines are not too packed and there’s time to try to feel the music and interpret it. As always, there will be gymnasts with a natural inner ability to dance and transmit, and there will be others without that gift, but with the changes made, at least, floor routines have started to include music rather having a background tune to tumble. On beam, the results are not visible yet but the riddance of the overuse of some skills (aerials) is good news for the apparatus.

Great Britain is the nation to look for in the next three years leading to to London 2012 Olympic Games. From Milan, they travel back to London with two golds, two silvers and one bronze as the second most successful country at these Europeans behind Russia.

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