Once again Ariella Kaeslin

Gymbox posted some photos of Ariella Kaeslin, the new European Champion on vault.  She looks so happy!

With her win of the gold medal on vault and the bronze medal in the all around at the recent European Championships she really made history. Never before, a Swiss gymnast stood on the podium on a major international competition. Congratulations!

By the way, do you remember the butterfly leotard, she wore in Beijing and also in the all around at the Europeans this year?

The Couch Gymnast mentioned it in the “worst leotards” category. And I absolutely agree!

“(Example One.  You only have to see half of Kaeslin’s leo to know it gonna fit right into the heinous box.  It’s a khaki butterfly/evil mask design with a mismatching swiss red-on-white emblem smooshed on top for Pete’s sake!)”

Nevertheless, there are some people, who really like this style – but not too many. The leotard named “Ariella goes China” is available in a Limited Edition (50) since October 2008, but there are still some leotards left.

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