Acro-Cup in … Albershausen

I didn´t know where the small village Albershausen (4500 inhabitants) is located in Germany before Google Maps showed me – it´s anywhere next to Stuttgart.

The TSGV 1896 Albershausen managed to host an international competition in acrobatic gymnastics for the 6th time!

The FIG announced the competition on their website.

“The 6th edition of the ACRO Cup Albershausen is coming up soon! Delegations from 12 different nations will meet for this biannual event from April 16 – 19, 2009 in the small southwestern town of Albershausen, near Stuttgart in Germany.

LogoThe popularity of this tournament has drastically increased, and in the world of Acrobatic Gymnastics ‘Albershausen’ has become synonymous with a top international event.

Age Group, Junior and Senior acrobats from England, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the host country will compete in a full range of Acrobatic Gymnastics categories. King Edmunds Club Bristol, Spelthorne Elite Acrobatic Club (both GBR) and Zwolle (NED) are sending the greatest number of participants to Albershausen, whereas Ximnasia Club Pontevedra will represent Spain for the first time ever at the ACRO Cup. Portugal’s Ginasiaclub Villacondense and the US delegation have returned after having debuted in Albershausen in 2005 and 1999 respectively.”

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