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Hagerty´s training for Champions Trophy

May 27, 2009

In five days, the first competition of the Champions Trophy will be held in Frankfurt, Germany. Olympian Joseph Hagerty of the USA is one of eight gymnasts, who compete in the all-around for a lot of prize money.

Anne Phillips of Gymnastike shows us in the Workout Wednesday Hagerty´s great form in training. He´s in a very good shape: “These routines, I do now, are very easy for me, cause I´ve done them four years for the Olympics. I´m very consistent with them.”

Click here to watch the video on Gymnastike.

Technique Tuesday

May 27, 2009

Not only the “Workout Wednesday” on Gymnastike sweetens our life, but also the “Technique Tuesday”. It´s interesting to see a coach – Tom Forster of the Colorado Aerials – not teaching a gymnastic skill (backflip) to a gymnast, who already knows how to do it, but teaching it to a non-gymnast! His technical advice is clear and helpful – it works out.

Click here to watch it on Gymnastike.

Very interesting floor routine

May 26, 2009

Have you ever seen a floor routine without any roundoff or front handspring?

This powerful girl, who placed 2nd in the age class 12/13 at the Pre-Olympic-Youth-Cup, shows a really interesting routine with four tumbling passes but without a roundoff or front handspring.

Click play or watch Cagla Akyol (GER) on YouTube.

Her score: 12.35 (4.1/8,25)!

Martha Karolyi Parody

May 26, 2009


Click play or watch it on YouTube.

Not funny. But humor is a question of taste…

“Kiss and cry” area

May 24, 2009

IG reported yesterday:

“Artistic gymnastics is getting a new “kiss and cry” area, the FIG announced Saturday.

“The Federation is taking steps toward making its competitions more entertaining, while it champions and furthers the concepts of ethics and justice in sports,” […]

“The posting of scores was completely revamped. Judging will be honed and the time frame used to post scores cut down,” the FIG stated. “Scores given by judges will be even more closely monitored, and Artistic will be brought up to speed with Rhythmic, Trampoline, Aerobic and Acrobatic with its very own Kiss and Cry corner.”

Oh yes, that´s what we want! Just take a look at the 2008 Rhythmic Gymnastics all-around in Beijing, where Anna Bessonova waits more than three minutes for her score. When I watched it live in 2008, I can remember, that I got something to drink or to eat in this time. I can´t imagine something more boring than watching athletes waiting for their scores. Well done, FIG!

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

NCAA Super Six 2009

May 23, 2009

I don´t really know much about college gymnastics in the USA. But this year I followed the competitions and teams on different blogs in the WorldWideWeb. And I have to say, that it´s on the one hand very American (I can´t imagine such an excitement in Germany.) but on the other hand the gymnasts just show of solid and very nice routines. So, this weekend I watched the NCAA Super Six on YouTube from start to finish and it didn´t bore me at all! It was great!

2nd Pre-Olympic Youth Cup – results

May 23, 2009

These are the results of the Pre-Olympic Youth Cup in Bergisch-Gladbach, GER, this weekend.

Click on the routines in order to watch them on Dutchfan33´s YouTube channel.

Age class 12/13

The twelve year old Russian Yuna Nefedova (50,45) won over Cagla Akyol from Germany (49,55) and Sarah Di Lascia from Suisse (49,00). Though Yuna fell twice on the piked Jaeger on uneven bars and on floor doing a double tucked, she won over the other 21 girls from Germany, Suisse, Nederlands and Uzbekistan.

full results(12/13)

Age class 14/15

Naoula Quazzani-Chahdi (NED) had the highest all-around score of all the girls: 56,300. In her uneven bars routine she showed a Shaposhnikova immediately into a Gienger and a Tsukahara dismount.

Here´s her floor routine: good music choice, nice dancing and solid tumbling (Tsukahara, double piked, 1.5 twists backwards into 1 twist forward)!

Sara Catanzaro (53,800), SUI, placed second, Tatiana Solovyeva (53,500), RUS, third.

full results(14/15)

Elite (16 or older)

Elisabeth Seitz (54,400) won over Maike Roll (52,800), both GER, and Dianne Teunisse (50,650), NED.

full results(elite)

Click here for a competition report in German and some photos on And here for an English report on the All Around.

Demyanchuk gives points away?!

May 23, 2009

Did Yana Demyanchuk (UKR) gave one tenth away in her balance beam routine at the Europeans?

This is one of the new rules in the CoP, in order to bring more choreography into the beam routines:

  • More than one 1/2 turn on 2 feet with straight legs throughout exercise. – 0.10 deduction

In my opinion, she did two of these turns. But perhaps the judges saw her first turn as a turn with slightly bent knees?!

Click play or watch her gold medal winning beam routine on YouTube.

And yet she moves.

May 23, 2009

Sanne Wevers tied for first place on balance beam (5.7/14.075) at the recent Glasgow Grand Prix showing her great ability to do difficult turns.

She does four different spins: A single turn (C) and a double turn with a horizontal leg (D or E? – I couldn´t find it in the Code), a double turn (D)  and a triple turn (E).

C+D+D+E=16 tenths just for the turns

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

Does anyone know the real value for a double turn with the leg in a horizontal position? (1.5 turns have a D-value)

A clip for now and then: (16)

May 22, 2009

Once again the phenomenal Katie Axten, who won gold with her new partner Nicholas Illingworth at the British Acro Championships 2009 in the senior mixed pair category. This clip is from the World Championships 2006 (partner: Christian Beecher).