Semionova and Malakhov

Gymnastics Coaching posted a great video of the famous ballet dancer Polina Semionova.

“She’s no Shawn Johnson, but there’s some potential here.

Click PLAY or watch Polina Seminova on YouTube.

2 million views”

Polina Semionova became first principal (ballet) dancer under Vladimir Malakhov, who came to Berlin in 2002. He´s not only the artistic director of the Berlin Staatsballett, but also one of the best ballet dancers ever. I saw Semionova and Malakhov several times (“Dornröschen” / “Sleeping Beauty” which Malakhov choreographed; “Malakhov & Friends”) and they are just absolut phenomenal when they dance together.

Here´s another video. They rehearse for “La Bayadere”:

If you wanna see a funny ballet dance (“Cinderella”) in which Malakhov dances a ugly stepsister (in the purple dress) and Semionova dances Cinderella, click play or watch it on YouTube.

Here´s another gorgeous scene with Malakhov and Semionova from Cinderella.

One Response to “Semionova and Malakhov”

  1. Katrina Says:

    I love that last ballet. It’s rare to see males go en point and his lines are great!. She is such a beautiful dancer.

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