A clip for now and then: (14)

Once again, Nastia Liukin! This time with her nearly perfect vault at the Olympics. I still don´t know, why the judges took 4 or 5 tenth of deduction. But apart from this, it´s just a pleasure to watch her Yurchenko 1,5 over and over again.

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

2 Responses to “A clip for now and then: (14)”

  1. Katrina Says:

    The only thing, and if they took it for it, it’d be stupid, it was right before she landed, she had a slight (and very slight) leg seperation but I don’t think so…

    I actually have no qualms about that vault. It was great. And I normally don’t like Nastia 🙂

  2. mrsolis Says:

    Yeah, they were picky. The most noticiable errors are the piking after the block (that could have been a 0.3 deduction) and the landing with heels apart (0.1).

    Other possibilities:
    -Lack of height, though I think is enough.
    -slight underrotation of the last salto,
    -deviation from straight direction. Even if she landed in the corridor, there’s a newsletter that suggests landings closer to the border would probably have a problem on the block, therefore a 0.1 deduction could be possible.

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