Never before seen skills: Beam

In the Code of Pointage, there are some skills I´ve never seen before. For the beginning, I picked some interesting beam skills, which are very unusual, in my opinion. They would bring more variation and be a great possibility for gymnasts to shine out, because people would connect this special skill with one gymnast.

Difficulty B


Jump with ½ turn (180°) to clear
straddle support – 90° approach to

Difficulty C


Jump with 1/1 turn (360°) in flight
phase to stand, take-off from both
legs – approach at end or diagonal
to beam


Straddle pike jump bwd over beam
from stand or round-off into
immediate hip circle bwd – 90°
approach to beam


Free jump to cross split sit – takeoff
from both legs – diagonal
approach to beam

But perhaps it isn´t worth the effort to think about a different mount. You´ll get your D-score with a tucked salto or a round-off flic-flac, as well. For someone, who doesn´t often watch gymnastics, a salto would be even more exciting. However: I´m getting excited, when gymnasts surprise me with rarely seen skills. So hopefully, I will see one of these mounts (or any other seldom skill) in 2009…

Difficulty D



Difficulty E


From side stand – Jump to
cross over split with body
arched parallel to floor and
head dropped bwd (Yang-Bo from side stand)

Jump fwd with ½ twist (180°)
– salto bwd tucked or piked

Or do you know an elite gymnast, who did one of these skills in an international competition?

One Response to “Never before seen skills: Beam”

  1. Ian Says:

    I think the last time I saw a butterfly on beam was in the ’70s (I clearly remember one in Montreal 1976). The Yang Bo parallel to the beam was first performed by Elvire Teza at the 1997 Worlds. It’s named after her (Teza II).

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