Glasgow Grand Prix – participants

The 2009 Glasgow Grand Prix and World Cup will be held next weekend (qualifications on 15th & finals on 16th May). I´m still waiting for the complete roster… but as you can see on the official website, they doesn´t give us much informations about the event. The “news” category is – 3 days before the meet starts – really up to date ;-)!

So I did a list of the participating athletes according to an article on British Gymnastics.

GBRBeth Tweddle (UB, FX), Becky Downie (UB, VT), Hannah Whelan / Kristian Thomas, Louis Smith (PH), Daniel Purvis, Theo Seager, Daniel Keatings (PH)

ROM – Sandra Izbasa (FX), Diana Chelaru

SUIAriella Kaeslin (VT)

RUS – Yulia Berger (VT), Ekaterina Kurbatova (UB), Anna Mysdrikova (VT) / Anton Golotsutskov (FX, VT), Andrey Perevozhnikov (PH), Konstantin Pluzhnikov (SR), Sergey Khorokhordin (HB)

NEDSanne Wevers (BB), Suzanne Harmes / Jeffrey Wammes (FX, VT), Epke Zonderland (HB), Yuri van Gelder (SR) – what else? 🙂

BRA – Ana Claudia Silva / Diego Hypolito (FX, VT), Moziah Rodriguez (HB)

COL – Natalia Sanchez

FIN – Annika Urvikko / Tomi Tooha (VT)

ESP – Naomi Ruiz, Ana Maria Izurieta

ISR – Alexander Shatilov (FX)

TUN – Wajdi Bouallegue (FX)

CRO – Tomislav Markovic (FX), Robert Seligman (PH)

HUN – Krisztian Berky (PH)

SLO – Saso Bertoncelj (PH), Mitja Petkovsek (PB), Aljaz Pegan (HB), Alen Dimic (HB), Samuel Piasecky (PB)

UKR – Oleksander Vorobyov (SR)

VEN – Regulo Carmona (SR)

PRK – Ri Se Gwang (VT)

POL – Adam Kierzkovski (VT), Roman Kulesza

The apparatus on which they will compete aren´t complete. And the underlined athletes are my predictions for the gold medal winners.

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