Shawn Johnson – designer?

Gymblog linked to a Teen Vogue interview with Shawn Johnson, in which she betrays her passion for designing leotards:

“12. Do you like designing? For gymnastics I designed all my leotards before training. I would love to design leotards or something on the side, but all of mine I just did for myself, so I don’t know if anybody else would even like them! It is really fun though.”

Well, what about her leotard collection for GK?

Shawn Groovy TyeDye Leotard Shawn Johnson "Love" Leotard

To be honest, I don´t like them. But obviously, Shawn didn´t influence the design. It would be interesting to see, in which way she would create the leotards, if she is really responsible for the design.

(Is this one of her own designs?

One Response to “Shawn Johnson – designer?”

  1. ugly_leotards Says:

    I dont think that necessarily means she didn’t design them (like that wretched lime green peace symbol one), but rather that she didn’t know how popular they would be. Maybe I’m just naive.

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