Fingym competition 2009

German Gymnastics called my attention to the small but mighty Fingym competition in Tampere, FIN last weekend.

Naoual Ouazzani-Chahdi (NED) was the most successful competitor, winning vault and floor finals. She has a really entertaining floor exercise with good tumbling & dancing. (You can watch it on the official website.) Another Dutch gymnast, Celine van Gerner, won gold on uneven bars. It seems as if the Netherlands gymnastics program isn´t that bad!

Laura Svilpaite (LTU), who won WOGA Classic earlier this year, got the gold medal on beam and silver on bars. Her lines, especially on uneven bars, are just perfect.

Another young Suisse talent to look out for is junior Sara Catanzaro (second on floor and vault). She does a double arabian, a Tsukahara and double piked on floor. On beam her D-Score is 5.9, but unfortunately she isn´t too clean.

Watch her beam routine (arabian, roundoff layout) from 2008 on YouTube or click play:

> full results, links to high quality videos & photos on the official website

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