Champions Trophy is coming up

The Champions Trophy – an invitational tournament – starts soon within the German Gymnastics Festival in Frankfurt (30.05-05.06). At the first of June, eight international  gymnasts start to fight (in the all-around only) for 200.000 € prizemoney altogether. After every competition of overall four events (Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin & another big German city Hannover) the gymnasts share 50.000 €.

These are the first seven competitors in Frankfurt:

  1. Fabian Hambüchen (GER)
  2. Philipp Boy (GER)
  3. Benoit Caranobe (FRA)
  4. Maxim Deviatkovsky (RUS)
  5. Daniel Keatings (GBR)
  6. Niki Böschenstein (SUI)
  7. Joseph Hagerty (USA)
  8. n.n. Flavius Koczi (ROU)

Who will get the last spot? It would be great to have an Asian gymnast from China or Japan in the competition – Kohei Uchimura, for example. No Asian competitor 😦 – but at least Joseph Hagerty makes the event a bit more international.

These guys are all really good all-arounders – I´m excited to see who has the nerves to win the title & the money!

Tickets (25/30 €) and an announcement in German are here available.

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  1. Hagerty´s training for Champions Trophy « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] five days, the first competition of the Champions Trophy will be held in Frankfurt, Germany. Olympian Joseph Hagerty of the USA is one of eight gymnasts, […]

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