2nd Pre-Olympic Youth Cup – results

These are the results of the Pre-Olympic Youth Cup in Bergisch-Gladbach, GER, this weekend.

Click on the routines in order to watch them on Dutchfan33´s YouTube channel.

Age class 12/13

The twelve year old Russian Yuna Nefedova (50,45) won over Cagla Akyol from Germany (49,55) and Sarah Di Lascia from Suisse (49,00). Though Yuna fell twice on the piked Jaeger on uneven bars and on floor doing a double tucked, she won over the other 21 girls from Germany, Suisse, Nederlands and Uzbekistan.

full results(12/13)

Age class 14/15

Naoula Quazzani-Chahdi (NED) had the highest all-around score of all the girls: 56,300. In her uneven bars routine she showed a Shaposhnikova immediately into a Gienger and a Tsukahara dismount.

Here´s her floor routine: good music choice, nice dancing and solid tumbling (Tsukahara, double piked, 1.5 twists backwards into 1 twist forward)!

Sara Catanzaro (53,800), SUI, placed second, Tatiana Solovyeva (53,500), RUS, third.

full results(14/15)

Elite (16 or older)

Elisabeth Seitz (54,400) won over Maike Roll (52,800), both GER, and Dianne Teunisse (50,650), NED.

full results(elite)

Click here for a competition report in German and some photos on Gymmedia.com. And here for an English report on the All Around.

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