“Kiss and cry” area

IG reported yesterday:

“Artistic gymnastics is getting a new “kiss and cry” area, the FIG announced Saturday.

“The Federation is taking steps toward making its competitions more entertaining, while it champions and furthers the concepts of ethics and justice in sports,” […]

“The posting of scores was completely revamped. Judging will be honed and the time frame used to post scores cut down,” the FIG stated. “Scores given by judges will be even more closely monitored, and Artistic will be brought up to speed with Rhythmic, Trampoline, Aerobic and Acrobatic with its very own Kiss and Cry corner.”

Oh yes, that´s what we want! Just take a look at the 2008 Rhythmic Gymnastics all-around in Beijing, where Anna Bessonova waits more than three minutes for her score. When I watched it live in 2008, I can remember, that I got something to drink or to eat in this time. I can´t imagine something more boring than watching athletes waiting for their scores. Well done, FIG!

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

One Response to ““Kiss and cry” area”

  1. George N Says:

    Hmmm, how about making the competitions more entertaining by minimizing the time lag between the routine and the score, FIG? Or is this simply another feeble attempt to “legitimize” the waiting time further still?

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