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Hagerty´s training for Champions Trophy

May 27, 2009

In five days, the first competition of the Champions Trophy will be held in Frankfurt, Germany. Olympian Joseph Hagerty of the USA is one of eight gymnasts, who compete in the all-around for a lot of prize money.

Anne Phillips of Gymnastike shows us in the Workout Wednesday Hagerty´s great form in training. He´s in a very good shape: “These routines, I do now, are very easy for me, cause I´ve done them four years for the Olympics. I´m very consistent with them.”

Click here to watch the video on Gymnastike.

Technique Tuesday

May 27, 2009

Not only the “Workout Wednesday” on Gymnastike sweetens our life, but also the “Technique Tuesday”. It´s interesting to see a coach – Tom Forster of the Colorado Aerials – not teaching a gymnastic skill (backflip) to a gymnast, who already knows how to do it, but teaching it to a non-gymnast! His technical advice is clear and helpful – it works out.

Click here to watch it on Gymnastike.