German Championships – Women

1. Kim Bui (TSG Tübingen) – 55.650
2. Elisabeth Seitz (TG Mannheim) – 54.350
3. Anja Brinker (TV Herkenrath) – 54.100
4. Maike Roll (TG Söllingen) – 52.000
5. Katja El-Halabi (SSV Ulm) – 49.650
6. Dorothee Henzler (VfL Kirchheim) – 49.300
7. Myriam Boeschen (Eintracht Frankfurt) – 49.100
8. Julia Hänel (TuS Chemnitz Altendorf) – 48.250


Congratulations, Kim!

Marie-Sophie Hindermann as well as Oksana Chusovitina are recovering from injuries. Both will start their training for the Worlds.

Joeline Möbius, who broke her toe earlier this year, only competed on beam (13,95).

3 Responses to “German Championships – Women”

  1. Giulyx14 Says:

    Why nobody talks about italian championships??

    • gymnicetic Says:

      I´m totally not up to date with all the championships these days. But on the official site of the Italian Gymnastics Federation you will find the results on the right ( I made a short post, but unfortunately I don´t speak Italian – that´s why I cannot add any interesting news.

  2. Giulyx14 Says:

    Thank you!!

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