Ana Porgras shines on beam

Inspired by Nadia is not only inspired by Nadia Comaneci, but also by the new generation of Romanian gymnasts.

All the videos, photos and reports of the Romanian Internationals (June, 5-7) are worth seeing and reading.

Ana Porgras´ balance beam routine is outstanding. She doesn´t have super difficult elements, but her performance is amazingly clean, confident and with really good choreography (on beam!!)!

Click play or watch her routine on YouTube.

With this routine she won the gold medal together with Gabriela Dragoi – both scored 15.400. I searched for the execution score, but couldn´t find it – please leave a comment, if you know it.

Her uneven bars routine isn´t bad either (YouTube):

Amelia Racea is another gymnast to look out for. She won the all-around competition (58.150). And she´s definitly very self-confident as you can read in an interview with Prosport. (full interview on Inspired by Nadia / Fangymnastics / Viola Roadkill)

“Amelia, how was the competition today?

It wasn’t very difficult. Besides, a competition is easier then a workout, where you train each routine dozens of times. I was a little tense, more on beam and bars I guess, bot I got over it.

What goals do you have for this year?

Go to EYOF, win AA and EF, take a gold medal on each apparatus if possible.

What are your expectations for tomorrow, in Event Finals?

To win each final and to perform as good as I can.”

When I saw her next to Youna Dufournet at the American Cup this year, I saw two totally different gymnasts. In contrast to Youna, Amelia was very self-confident. Even after her fall at the uneven bars (Jaeger-salto), she finished her routine without any struggling and stuck her landing. But also in other competitions, she seems to be very calm, concentrated and very sure about what she is doing. That´s just what makes a good gymnast!

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