Leotards – always a question of taste?

What do you think of the very individual leotards of this German gymnast?

Greta Rauer at the 2008 Pre-Olympic-Youth-Cup




in 2007


German Championships 2005


Obviously she likes transparent fabrics ;-)! While No. 2-4 are acceptable, I really dislike the first one – it´s too much or rather too little.

(photos via gymfan)

5 Responses to “Leotards – always a question of taste?”

  1. ugly_leotards Says:

    OMG. who is that? do you mind if I use these pics for my blog?

    • gymnicetic Says:

      Bernhard Schwall (www.gymfan.de) owns these pictures. I think it´s okay if you use them – but you could ask him or/and add a link to his website. The gymnast is Greta Rauer from Germany.

  2. Gymmie Says:


  3. ugly_leotards Says:

    Thanks! I made a post here:

  4. DB Says:

    I think the leotards show her as confident and unique. They are a bit revealing, but she is absolutely beautiful in them.

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