TV show: Make it or break it – thoughts

I´m sure, you´ve already heard of the new tv show “Make it or break it” which premiers June 22nd on ABC Family in the US (perhaps on GymnasticsCoaching ?).
Well, I just watched the 10 minute online exclusive preview and now I don´t know where to start. It would be so easy to make this show more realistic in order to show how the world of gymnastics really works – and it´s not only, that the actresses do not look like gymnasts.
A few points, I have to complain about:
1. Why do the gymnasts stand directly next to the apparatus during the competition watching the other girls competing? Nobody prepares the bars or does others things normal gymnasts would do. Plus there is no chalk – neither on the mats nor on the leotards.
2. Heidi Moneymaker, the stunt double for the character Emily (the girl with the “old” dark red leotard), has some more muscles on her body than the skinny actress. When you see her on floor exercise, the “skinny” Emily is suddenly very “muscular”.
3. The “mean” girl in the orange leotard falls on beam in such a ridicules way. Nearly every elite gymnast would have safed it instead of shaking the hip & falling on the knees. Come on, why can´t she do a realistic fall?
4. Do these gymnasts want to freeze or why aren´t they wearing their tracksuits? Oh yes, I know, the producers surely thought it´s nicer to see them in leotards.
5. Finally: Why is the competition arena so underexposed? It reminds me of the movie “Little girls in pretty boxes” where a spotlight is thrown on the performing gymnast.

13 Responses to “TV show: Make it or break it – thoughts”

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  2. dobsonsk8 Says:

    Does it air in Canada???

    • gymnicetic Says:

      Holly Sorensen, the creator of “Make it or break it” answers your question on The Chalk Bucket:
      “i will find out what the canadian story is. i assume some channels in canada will have the show, others have to buy the show. i actually met a canadian buyer at our foreign “up fronts” , he seemed like a great guy and said he was buying the show for canada, so fingers crossed!”

  3. George N Says:

    What a turkey…

    Hope they keep this one in the states. I kept flinching and rolling my eyes throughout most of it. If they did this as a Flintstones or Jetsons episode they may have been able to pull it off.

    I won’t waste my bandwidth downloading any more.

  4. Jo Says:

    You wrote that they don’t have chalk in the show but they do. And Have you ever seen Emily’s leotard? It is always covered in chalk.

  5. Sab Says:

    When is MAKE IT OR BREAK IT coming out in dvd(for CANADA)???

  6. miranda Says:

    Make it Or break It! I love this show…. its so fun to watch full of drama and creativity!

    love it

  7. Happy Birthday, GymNiceTic! + Best of « GymNiceTic Says:

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  8. gymnastics Says:

    i love make it or break it it is the best show on t.v.

  9. gymnastics Says:

    i know that they use stunt doubles do they do any real gymnastics at all? if they dont then what is the names of the girls that acutally do all the gymnastics? and i got the dvd and it says that they have a lot of different stunt doubles and they said that some of them are olympians what olympians? i want to know so bad!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! gymnastics rock and it is the best sport in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. anonymous Says:

    Let’s see… can’t be accessed from Canada.
    YouTube’s ABC Family videos of MIOBI can’t be accessed from Canada.
    The majority of new Make it or Break it Episodes quickly get taken off YouTube for copyright violations so what are we [Canadians] to do?!
    The digital cable service doesn’t offer an ABC Family subscription – at least it didn’t last time I checked.
    The tv channel website that DOES have Make it or Break it episodes is far behind – the last episode they aired was the one where Paysen hurts her back at Nationals.
    So what are we to do? Of course we go to the Internet to download the tv-shows because there is no other or fair way to win this stupid copyright battle.
    If we are on the same continent as the US, we should be entitled to the same television programs for the same price.

  11. lolcats Says:

    please, project free tv online has it everywhere, and its up to date

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