Fly high

Reebok & Cirque du Soleil invented a new gymnastics apparatus in order to bring more fun in workouts – it´s called JURAKI.

Charmaine Gooden made a very good post about the trapeze on

jukari_cirque_du_soleil_reebok.jpgWhen I first saw this colourful, energetic advertisement from Reebok I thought it was for a new line of shoes and workout clothing. How cool I thought to use the trapeze as a prop, a backdrop from which the gorgeous models could show off the apparel. I couldn’t have imagined that the trapeze itself was the workout and the clothes the accessories. Turns out this is Reebok’s newest gym workout for women called JUKARI Fit to Fly (, created in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, the world renowned circus entertainment company from Quebec…
It might be very successful – everybody could feel like a real circus artist for an hour or two.

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    […] – Fit to Flex By gymnicetic Remember this post about a new gymnastics apparatus – Juraki – Fit to Fly – launched by Reebok in corporation […]

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