EYOF participants

Sara Catanzaro (SUI), Laura Svilpaite (LTU), Naoul Ouazzani Chahdi (NED), Marine Brevet (FRA), Nicole Hibbert (GBR), Désirée Baumert (GER), Carlotta Ferlito (ITA), Amelia Racea (ROM) and Victoriya Komova (RUS) compete among others at the upcoming European Youth Olympic Festival in Tampere, FIN.

Click here for the full roster on the official website.

3 Responses to “EYOF participants”

  1. Kamil Says:

    Where I can find drawind of lots. Did You find it? I can’t even find this roster on official website. I can only open it from this direct link.

    • gymnicetic Says:

      First problem: No (I´m not even sure if I understood your question correctly.) Second problem: official website – “athletes” (on the left, second link under “Frontpage”) – Gymnastics – click on the pdf

  2. Kamil Says:

    Thank You :). First I mean – “draw”.

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