Japan Cup – results


Kohei Uchimura (JPN) wins over Fabian Hambüchen (GER) and Kazuhito Tanaka (JPN). (It will be an interesting fight at the Worlds between two of the best gymnasts in the world: Uchimura won with 92.750 ahead of Hambüchen with 92.100.)

Yesterday, the Japanese team (275.500) defeated China (273.850) and Germany (266.800). Russia placed forth, Korea fifth and the USA sixth.

Here´s a little part of the competition report:

Russia had some form breaks on pommel horse that were going to cost them to win a medal. Germany, however, amazed the crowd (probably the most exciting performances for the crowd other than those of Japan). Fahrig hit his first pass (double twisting layout front to punch double front!) and Hambuchen did high layout full-in stuck tucked full-in dismount. They amazingly went ahead of Russia and win a bronze medal. China performed in the first half and Japan in the second half in the last rotation. China come. Tanaka stuck his layout double-double dismount to lead Japan to a memorial victory. Sekiguchi, however, missed stoop-in-shoot to hand stand with full twist. He underrotated it and he bent elbows to make a rotation somehow. The most amazing part was AFTER that mistake; he immediately connected to Yamawaki without an extra giant. That performance was so exciting that the crowd just made a big applause. The final competitor of the day, Kohei Uchimura, amazed the crowd in a way they expected; he hit his routine including very high Kovacas, layout Kovacs and Kolman. He failed to stick his landing (a little hop) but it was enough to celebrate Japanese victory.


The Chinese QiuShuang Huang (58.900) won over Aliya Mustafina (58.250) and Tatiana Nabieva (57.450) (both RUS).

In the team competition, China won over Russia (with only one tenth) and Japan.

More photos, complete results and reports on the official website.

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  2. Happy Birthday, GymNiceTic! + Best of « GymNiceTic Says:

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