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Once again: La Grande Dame

August 27, 2009

Just another proof of Svetlana Khorkina´s “divaness”. I didn´t know this routine from the Olympic Champions Tour 2000 in France. When it started, I wanted to take a towel in order to reduce the makeup all over her face a little bit. But then, I paused – it wouldn´t be the same without all the makeup, the hair gel & the glimmer. And her performance shines brightly through all the stuff. Nobody will be able to replace the Queen!

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

“Make it or break it” becomes reality

August 27, 2009

Wanna see something funny?

While the girls from the Rock in the TV show “Make it or break it” do a fashion show with “normal” clothes, British gymnasts, including Becky Downie, Beth Tweddle and Marissa King, are walking the runway in leotards for Milano.

Only after the third time watching the clip, I actually noticed the leotards…

Here´s the link to the video.

Thoughts about the Russian Cup 2009

August 27, 2009
Surprise, surprise: Aliya Mustafina won the Russian Cup (59.434) over Ksenia Afanasyeva (57.034) and Anna Dementyeva (55.133)!

First of all, I really want to thank the very quick guy on YouTube, who filmed the event & already uploaded a lot of routines (RussianCup2009)! 🙂

This is my favorite video of the meet. I promise, you will watch it twice! 😉

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

LBLG already pointed out Ekaterina Kurbatovas UB routine. It´s innovative and very dynamic (in my opinion the uneven bars is the one apparatus, on which the gymnasts need to bring drive in their routines – on floor, they have their music to cover the breath-taking (can I say “breath-taking”, or is this a transition of the German grammar?), on beam it should be fluent and vault is almost over before it just started).

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

20-years-old Svetlana Klyukina represented the “old” generation of Russian gymnasts. She did a pretty good job finishing fourth (54.166).  The experience in the international gymnastics scene won´t be her problem, but the D-scores might not high enough to be on top of the podium.

The one thought I had all the time in my mind,watching the routines, was: The Russians really know how to dress up…in the gym. All team leotards are really pretty and classic. Keep it up! I´m looking forward to the (hopefully new) team leotard for the Worlds – I know, it´s not the most important part of gymnastics, in order not to say it´s absolutely insignificant for the routines, but hey, it´s a very pretty insignificant part of gymnastic perfomances. Don´t you think so, too?!

Gymnastics for Babies

August 27, 2009

We all know the career of the future Olympic Champions in gymnastics starts at a very young age. I just didn´t know it was that young.

BG TV has a new feature about the Richmond Gymnastics Association, which teaches young gymnasts from the very beginning in a Pre-School program the basics for the sport of gymnastic. 1600 girls and boys train in this club, of which 700 belong to the Pre-School program – Chapeau!

Click here to watch it. You might see the next Olympic Champion for the year … 2024?

(Very) Late Japan Cup Review

August 25, 2009

A lot of things happend during my absence. Yes, I took a break from blogging, but not from reading/watching gymnastics.

So let´s start where I finished about a month ago: The Japan Cup – a gymnastics event which has much going for it. On the men´s as well as on the women´s side some excellent routines were done by some of the best gymnasts in the world. Except for the American and Romanian girls, the whole world elite was present at this meet (though the Russians didn´t send the Ksenias).

Here are some routines I really enjoyed watching:

Fabian Hambüchen (GER) – I love this guy (and not because he´s from Germany), his high bar routine is such a flight show: piked Kovac, Kolman, Tkatchev & doubletwisting-doublelayout! – D:6.9, E:9.2 – 16.100

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

Next is Aliya Mustafina (RUS), why oh why can´t this girl as well as Tatiana Nabieva or Anna Dementyeva compete at the Worlds (by the way, why did Rodionenko not mention Nabieva in the article on IG? Is she already injured – or not worth to be alluded? Come on!) Look at this beam routine including super difficult elements as a standing Arabian, onodi into a side somi, switch ring leap, double turn, triple twist (not the best execution, but hey, it´s a triple!). – D:6.0, E:8.350 – 14.350

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

Later, I watched her routine from the AA. In this routine, she didn´t have the slight balance check after her free walkover and added a back handspring. So I have to say about her TF-routine: This girl makes really quick decisions! And then I asked me, why did her coach put in the back handspring earlier in the routine? She won´t get any connection bonus and as it is “only” a B-element, it will not be one of the eight elements for the D-Score. So wouldn´t it be more clever to let her do only one back handspring after her free walkover and she would do it even after a wobble? I don´t get it. So please, if you have any idea why she does this first back handspring, leave a comment. And I have another question: Does she acutally get extra credit for her free walkover (D) back handspring (B)-connection? Well now, I want to know the details: She does an Arabian (F), a triple twist (F), a side somi (D), a free walkover (D), an onodi (D), a double turn (D), a switch ring leap (E) and a sheep jump (D) = 3.7 + 2.5 (composition requirements) + 0.1 (D-D-connection) = 6.3. But her difficulty is only 6.0 – what´s my mistake? 😦

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

UPDATE: Now this new routine from the Russian Cup makes more sense (thank you, Matt!) – she really added the well-known layout step out to her back handspring step out. There are some other changes, for example no switch ring leap and she starts with her double turn, but overall a very solid, well performed routine.

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

And now about the AA-winner Kohei Uchimura. It´s nice to see the Japanese guys always taking a bow to the judges before starting their routines or doing the warm-up – this little gesture makes a difference. While everybody just turns around and runs away in order not to lose a second of the warm-up time, they sacrifice only two seconds to show their respect towards the judges. Anyway, I wander from the subject.

Kohei Uchimuras 2.5-twisting Yurchenko on the vault in the AA is just amazing & the Japanese television helped the tv-viewer with a special effect (I don´t know the correct word for this.) to see Uchimuras perfection better. He vaults at min. 5:00, but the other apparatus are also worth to watch. On VT: – D:6.6, E: 9.65 – 16.250

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

I have to stop now, though there a still a lot of other things I would like to talk about. For example, I could watch the US-Championships via live-stream and the first day I really stayed up till 4 a.m.! But that´s another story.