Once again: La Grande Dame

Just another proof of Svetlana Khorkina´s “divaness”. I didn´t know this routine from the Olympic Champions Tour 2000 in France. When it started, I wanted to take a towel in order to reduce the makeup all over her face a little bit. But then, I paused – it wouldn´t be the same without all the makeup, the hair gel & the glimmer. And her performance shines brightly through all the stuff. Nobody will be able to replace the Queen!

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

2 Responses to “Once again: La Grande Dame”

  1. sd Says:

    Khorkina had her good points don’t get me wrong but the over scoring in her career tops most anyone on the scene in history. Nastia is making a run for her title on that mark and MILO is close up there.

  2. cris Says:

    This routine is not extraordinary, but her attitude is the one that make Khorkina a special gymnast. I liked her.

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