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Brinker 1st, Hindermann 3rd in Doha

September 29, 2009

Two German gymnasts dominated on UB in an overall weak field at the 2nd World Cup in Doha. Anja Brinker placed first (14,625/6.1) and Marie-Sophie Hindermann (13,95/5.9) third on the uneven bars at the World Cup in Doha. Pauline Morel (FRA) came second (14,125).

Congratulations! ­čÖé

After winning at the World Cup in Cottbus and placing third at the Europeans this year Anja has good chances to qualify for the uneven bar finals at the Worlds – surely behind Elizabeth Tweddle, He Kexin, Ksenia Semenova…

official World Cup website (results etc.)

report & results on IG

UPDATE – Here are the results of today┬┤s finals!





I already searched for videos – I┬┤ll post them as soon as they come (hopefully!).

Rhythmic Gymnast He Kexin

September 29, 2009

Did you know the Chinese Olympic Committee thinks, He Kexin throws hoops, clubs and ropes?!


external link

European Championships – Acrobatic Gymnastics

September 29, 2009

Picture NewsThe 24th European Championships for Seniors and 8th European Championships for Juniors and 4th European Age Group Games in Acrobatic Gymnastics take place from 25th September to 4th October in Vila do Conde (POR).

Russia and Great Britain dominated the Age Group competition (11-16).

Click through for videos of all Age Group routines. From 1st October there will be webcasting of the junior/senior qualification as well.


Here┬┤s a new post with more informations.

German Worlds Team – Men

September 27, 2009

Fabian Hamb├╝chen

Philipp Boy

Marcel Nguyen

Matthias Fahrig

Thomas Taranu

Sebastian Krimmer

external link (German)

First Komova video on YouTube

September 27, 2009

The last days I waited impatiently for the first videos from the 2009 Japan Junior International in Yokohama. Finally, Viktoria Komovas AA beam routine (14.950) was uploaded on YouTube.


azsogd uploaded her VT, UB and FX as well! Thanks!

A clip for now and then: (19)

September 21, 2009

My new favourite couple from Belgium – Tatjana de Vos and Florence Henrist (2009 World Champions):

…liked it? Check out their combined and tempo routine on YouTube.

Things you have to watch from the Romanian Nationals…

September 20, 2009

… Diana Bulimars fast tumbling & entertaining choreography (YouTube):

Larisa Iordache – the other little energy bundle – on FX doing 2.5 twists into two front tuck (YouTube):

Ana Porgras pirouettes on UB – really nice to watch (YouTube).

German Worlds Team

September 20, 2009

Today, German Head Coach Ulla Koch announced the team for the upcoming World Championships in London after two internal tests, which included German Champion and Olympic alternate Kim Bui, Olympian Anja Brinker, Marie-Sophie Hindermann (just came back from a long break due to an injury) and the new seniors Maike Roll and Elisabeth Seitz. Oksana Chusovitina had to withdraw, because of another injury.

Kim Bui (55,75/55,35) and Elisabeth Seitz (56,2/55,15) – both very powerful – will do the all-around. Anja Brinker only does the uneven bars, on which she was third at the Europeans this year. Maike Roll will compete on the beam – watch out for her long lines, you will love them!

Liukin – must sees

September 19, 2009

Full In Full Out posted two clips. One about Liukin, the father and Liukin, the daughter.

You have to see them!

Click here for Valeri and here for Nastia.

China: 11th National Games

September 19, 2009

There┬┤s a full tv coverage (AA/women) of the National Games in Jinan on YouTube in case you want to watch the Chinese gymnastics power for 90 minutes…

Watch out for:

– Yang Yilins & Huang Qiushuang beautiful doubletwisting-Yurchenkos (part 2)

– little Tan Sixins scary fall on UB in an overall good routine (part 4)

– Sui Lus Shaposhnikova into a “Zwiegriff” – I can┬┤t find the word for this grip in English, that┬┤s a little but interesting variation (part 4)

– of course He Kexins UB (part 5)

– Sui Lus BB: she really deserves the connection point for her two pirouettes; no wobbles, absolutely clean – 15.475 (part 6)

– Tan Sixins exceptional high! layout on BB (part 7)

– Deng Linlins cute FX choreo, though she always “falls out” of the choreography when she starts a tumbling or doing her splits & you can see that the Chinese really adopted the new landing rule: her feet are glued together on every landing, even if she has to do a little hop (part 7)

– He Ning opening her FX with a triple turn – falling! – running back in the corner and stepping nearly out (part 9)