Champions Trophy No. 2

Next weekend (19th September), the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin will cheer for these 8 elite gymnasts at the second competition of the Champions Trophy. Some of the best all-arounders fight for all-together 280.000 euros prizemoney.

• Fabian Hambüchen (GER), European Champion 2009
• Maxim Deviatovsky (RUS), European Champion 2007
• Benoite Caranobe (FRA), Olympic bronze-medalist 2008
• Daniel Keatings (GBR), Vice-European Champion 2009
• Joseph Hagerty (USA), Olympic bronze-medalist (team) 2008
• Niki Böschenstein (SUI), Suisse Champion 2009
• Enrico Pozzo (ITA), 6th AA at the European Championships 2009
• Helge Liebrich (GER)

I will be there – look out for the competition report!

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