Hambüchen = Champion

The Champions Trophy No. 2 in Berlin is just over. In my opinion, the eight gymnasts did a pretty good and solid job. Overall it wasn´t too exciting – except for Keatings unusual, amusing fall on PB and Böschensteins idea to throw the legendary Suisse chocolat “Toblerone” into the audience.

1. Fabian Hambüchen (GER) – 91,575 – 15.000€

2. Maxim Deviatovski (RUS) – 88,600 – 11.000€

3. Daniel Keatings (GBR) – 88,425 – 8.500€

4. Enrico Pozzo (ITA) – 87,725

5. Joseph Hagerty (USA) – 87,475

6. Helge Liebrich (GER) – 86,875

7. Nicolas Böschenstein (SUI) – 84,750

8. Cyril Tommasone (FRA) – 84,500 (replaced the injured Caranobe)

The places 4 to 8 also received some prizemoney, but I can´t remember the exact number – something between 8.000€ and 2.000€.

In the end, it´s just an invitational tournament (I missed the Asian guys!) & to be the Champion of the “Champion Trophy” isn´t as exciting as being the World Champion. Furthermore, there is always a break between two excercises while the judges (who did a pretty good job & not to strict) are working in which you haven´t anything to observe, because even the ridiculous “kiss&cry-area”, in which the gymnasts had to wait on eight terrible ugly “couch-chairs”, is nearly hidden in one corner (and not the one in which we were sitting :-)). – This doesn´t support a good competition atmosphere…

Some good gymnastics:

– Hambüchens E:9.700-Yurchenko-2.5twists-VT & his flight show on HB including Kovac (piked) and Kolman

– Liebrichs beautiful PB-routine, in which his legs were glued together at every time (except for the dismount)

– Deviatovskis great SR-routine – best score: 15.600/6.3

This competition gave us some interesting informations for the Worlds in less than a month. With the supportive home crowed, Daniel Keatings is definitly a contender for the AA-title. But Hambüchen won´t give up easily, his form is phenomenal. Deviatovski, Pozzo as well as Hagerty are strong contenders for a good AA-result or even a medal, too.

I´m waiting for the Worlds! It´s the kind of competition I need: Many gymnasts from different countries, the best in the world & a really desirable title!

live ticker (in German)

One Response to “Hambüchen = Champion”

  1. Ono No Komachi Says:

    Joey Hagerty is not on the U.S. MAG world team.

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