First Komova video on YouTube

The last days I waited impatiently for the first videos from the 2009 Japan Junior International in Yokohama. Finally, Viktoria Komovas AA beam routine (14.950) was uploaded on YouTube.


azsogd uploaded her VT, UB and FX as well! Thanks!

4 Responses to “First Komova video on YouTube”

  1. Jen Says:

    I love her mount. It’s not flashy, but she has so much style. I hope so much that she doesn’t burn out before 2012. The thing I like is that, good as she is, she’s still got room to grow. She has little things to fix, and that’s perfect for her age and position. She isn;t stalled at the top of her game three years before the Olympics.

    I cannot wait to watch her progress over the next few years. She’s incredible.

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  4. coach M Says:

    That is likely the AA champ in 2012. incredible. gorgeous gymnast. power, difficulty, grace, execution, style, amplitude, artistry

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