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Hambüchen injured & out of Worlds!

October 11, 2009

Fabian Hambüchen just injured his left feet during podium training at the World Championships 2009 in London. He hurt himself doing 2.5 twists backwards on floor. And now he is on his way to the hospital… 😦

He has to rest for four weeks, so he won´t defend his title on HB…

two gymnastic superstars…

external link (German)

FIG, come on!

October 2, 2009

I just found this report about the current European Acrobatic Championships on the FIG website.

“The probably most appreciated competition, the one of the Mixed Pairs, has been marked by the spectacular programme of the Belgians. Julie van Gelder and Sam Pauwels, European Junior Champions in 2007, have further progressed in the art of dance and pantomime. They lead the ranking of the Qualifications before the Pairs from Russia and Great Britain…”

YES, Julie van Gelder and Sam Pauwels won the 2007 Junior European Championships – but, NO, they haven´t further progressed! Sam Pauwels decided to quit after their success in 2007. Since then Julie trained with her new partner Menno van der Ghote. They are a really, really great pair and their routines are very, very artistic. To be honest, the two Belgians are my favourite team in acrobatic gymnastics.

Here´s their balance routine from the recent World Cup in Moscow. It´s the same they showed today at the Europeans. Click play or watch it on YouTube.

On the UEG website you will find more and hopefully better researched competition reports.

Swiss Cup 2009

October 2, 2009

Yes, there will be other gymnastics competitions after the WORLDS!

One of them is the Swiss Cup held in less than four weeks at the 1st of November in Zurich.


Ariella Käslin: 2 hands, 2 legs & 1 head – That´s it!

Every country which is invited sends a team of one female and one male gymnast. Altogether, there will be 12 teams. The gymnasts can choose the order of the apparatus – but after the second round, the four teams with the lowest scores will be out. The remaining eight teams perform on the third chosen apparatus and only the four best teams qualify for the final round. All teams who reach the final will start again from zero points and can again choose from all four apparatus (in round 1-3, they have to compete different apparatus).

official website (German)

This is one of the competitions, in which the arena is darkened and the gymnasts perform under a “real spotlight”. Watch Ksenia Afanasyeva´s great BB in the final round in 2008 (yes, she showed two beautiful routines on the beam – one in the first and one in the last round):

Last year, Oksana Chusovitina injured herself in the second round on floor doing a “simple” tucked double back salto.

In 2008 the Chinese team – He Ning / Lu Bo – won over Romania – Sandra Izbasa / Flavius Kozci – and Russia Ksenia Afanasyeva / Maxim Devyatovsky.

These are the contestants for 2009 – who might win this year?

Ariella Kaeslin / Niki Böschenstein

Linda Stämpfli / Daniel Groves

Elisabeth Seitz / Thomas Taranu

He Ning / Fuliang Liang

Kim Bui / Matthias Fahrig

Pauline Morel / Cyril Tommasone

Serena Licchetta / Roman Gisi – Nice to see Serena Licchetta on the list. I really like her floor (great music!) and it was a bit disappointing not to see her at the Europeans this year.

Cynthia Lemieux / Casey Sandy

Mayra Kroonen / Jeffrey Wammes

Diana Chelaru / Marian Dragulescu

Ksenia Afanasyeva / Sergej Chorochordin

Yana Demyanchuk / Nikolai Kuksenkov

Live-Streaming – Acrobatic Gymnastics

October 2, 2009

UPDATE: Searching for the live-streaming of the 2011 European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships in Bulgaria? Read this post!

Click here to watch the European Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics live on your computer (official EuroAcro 2009 blog: photos).

More informations via UEG. (first results)

“General programme :
Sunday 27th September: Qualifications 09h30 – 20h30 in the Sports Hall
Monday 28th September: Finals 16h00 – 19h30 + closing ceremony

Thursday 1st October
09h00 – 17h35  Qualifications Juniors and Seniors
17h40 – 18h15  Opening ceremony
18h30 – 20h00  Finals Juniors (women’s pairs, women’s trios, men’s four)

Friday 2nd October
09h00 – 17h50  Second part and end of qualifications Juniors and Seniors
18h15 – 19h15  Finals Juniors (men’s pairs, mixed pairs)

Saturday 3rd October
09h00 – 20h45  Finals Seniors and Juniors

Sunday 4th October :
10h00 -17h50  All around Final Seniors (combined exercise)
As from 17h55   Award ceremony + closing ceremony”

Goldmedal-winning FX / Doha09

October 1, 2009

Watch Marta Pihan-Kulesza´s gold medal winning FX routine at the recent World Cup in Doha (13.900/5.5) – one of the first videos on YouTube. It´s definitly worth to admire her “blue” hair… 🙂