Live-Streaming – Acrobatic Gymnastics

UPDATE: Searching for the live-streaming of the 2011 European Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships in Bulgaria? Read this post!

Click here to watch the European Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics live on your computer (official EuroAcro 2009 blog: photos).

More informations via UEG. (first results)

“General programme :
Sunday 27th September: Qualifications 09h30 – 20h30 in the Sports Hall
Monday 28th September: Finals 16h00 – 19h30 + closing ceremony

Thursday 1st October
09h00 – 17h35  Qualifications Juniors and Seniors
17h40 – 18h15  Opening ceremony
18h30 – 20h00  Finals Juniors (women’s pairs, women’s trios, men’s four)

Friday 2nd October
09h00 – 17h50  Second part and end of qualifications Juniors and Seniors
18h15 – 19h15  Finals Juniors (men’s pairs, mixed pairs)

Saturday 3rd October
09h00 – 20h45  Finals Seniors and Juniors

Sunday 4th October :
10h00 -17h50  All around Final Seniors (combined exercise)
As from 17h55   Award ceremony + closing ceremony”

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