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It´s over…

November 3, 2009

Worlds are over, Swiss Cup is over, Arthur Gander Memorial is over, Champions Trophy is nearly over :-(… and we experienced some good, some excellent and some bad gymnastics.

Let´s start with the bad one (so it´s out of the way).  The results of the Swiss Cup 2009 really surprised me. Especially after I saw one of the winners performances. Kim Bui and Matthias Fahrig (GER) won the competition, but this UB routine performed by Kim Bui in the second round didn´t please me at all – still worth 13.300 (5.6)! All of the favourites left the field after the first two rounds: China, Romania (watch Diana Chelarus “performance” on the UB – or better not) & Russia. Nice to see the Ukraine coming in fourth. Yana Demyanchuks BB is lovely to watch, beside some little hesitations & I die for her leg position in her turn, it´s so stylish!). I think it´s time for everyone in the gymnastics world to get a big break after an exciting year and an intense World Championship. And so did Anja Brinker, who underwent surgery. She had a heel spur in her left foot.

Let´s move over to some good gymnastics done by Elisabeth Seitz, the German newcomer who placed together with teammate Thomas Taranu second at the Swiss Cup and seventh at the Gander Memorial. Though she doesn´t have the highest difficulty, her choreography on FX is refreshing and pretty good for a 15 year-old (12.900/5.5 – second highest score of the meet). Click play or watch it on YouTube.

Okay, just one more thing about the Germans – then I will stop: Fabian Hambüchen intends to compete again three or four events at the DTL-Final in Karlsruhe of the German Bundesliga (November 28th) for his club KTV Straubenhardt… though it wouldn´t be really necessary. The leading team for the moment is really strong with Marcel Nguyen, Thomas Taranu, Niki Böschenstein (SUI) and Marian Dragulescu (ROU). I didn´t decide yet whether I will drive 6 hours to see the womens and mens final live or not. We´ll see… (By the way, leave a comment if you are interested in more news and results about the German Bundesliga.)

And now about the excellent gymnastics: He Kexins UB routine at the Worlds! (YouTube)

Kayla Williams´ VT!

Lauren Mitchells BB!

Now I want to switch over to Acrobatic Gymnastics and the 2009 European World Champions. As you can see in the category “clips for now and then” I have a soft spot for acrobatics. Here are the European Champions (Julie & Menno from BEL) with their truthful flawless balance routine (click play or watch it on YouTubearnodiender did an amazing job posting all of the junior, age group & senior routines of the Euros).

Why oh why can they handle the CoP so well in contrast to womens artistic gymnastics? Anyone has an answer?