More leotards, leotards, leotards

Seven months ago I did a post about new, interesting, beautiful and strange leotards from the three big brands in the leotard business. I think it´s time for a new one – and this is not a best/worst-leo contest (Therefore you have to check out the Couch Gymnast). It´s about the new collections for 2010. Especially Milano next to GK and Christian Moreau did a pretty good job designing some fun, some elegant and some crazy leotards. They even did a fashion show (including the stars of gymnastics in Great Britain: Beth Tweddle, Marissa King, Becky Downie…)

Milano brings some fresh air in the world of gymnastics leotards!

Aren´t they cute together? Hey, and if you like Mika – then Ellie´s leotard will be perfect for you!

World Championship Replica Bodice – The British team got a lot of good compliments for the sleeved version of this leo!

Charisma – One of my favourites of the new autumn/winter collection. It includes all colours of the rainbow, but you cannot say that it´s too colourful.

Spinneret – That´s an interesting one. Would you wear it to a competition? Or do you have arachnophobia?

Royal Skull Bodice – Yeah! Marissa King goes rock´n´roll! (She is Marissa, is she?)

Cardio Bodice – Biology class meets gym class ;-)!

Medallion Man – The perfect leotard for Smith´s attitude, or what do you think?

Men’s Skullduggery – And this is the first mens leotard with rhinestones…

Let´s move on to Christian Moreau! This brand is more artistic in my opinion. Pauline Morel presents some of the new leotards for 2009/2010. A lot of them remind me of the 2008/2009 collection. Unfortunately, the new collection includes a lot of high-necked leos with patterns on which a lot is going on. But nevertheless, I found two beautiful, dramatic and sparkeling ones.


I´m not sure about the pattern on the sleeves and the lower body, but all in all Pauline looks very pretty.


Sandra Izbasa could wear this one in 2010 to show everybody that she earns gold!

At last but not least the US-brand GK elite!

Okay, this one is not one of my favourites. When I clicked through the pictures I found this one in the Holiday collection and first I didn´t know what the sign should picture. And then I got it: It´s a heart & the piece symbol (she loves it so much) all in one icon! Yay! And cause it includes all colours of the German flag (black – red – gold), I´m praying the Germans won´t add another ugly leotard to their collection only because all flag-colours are included.

GK-leotards are known for their shiny fabric and all the jewelry. Sometimes they are a bit over the top, in my opinion. But this one (which is also available in other colours) could give a future champion a good moment at the medal ceremony. Here´s my advice: Colourful or glittering! & Sometimes less is more.

That´s it, hope you got some ideas of what might be possibly on the podiums next year…

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24 Responses to “More leotards, leotards, leotards”

  1. djc99 Says:

    are you from the us?

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  4. Ashley Says:

    I absolutely love the cardio system biology one (yes I am a bit of a nerd like that). Now if only I still had a reason for a leo 😦

  5. pupa Says:

    I LOVE GK Leotards more GK;

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  14. Emma Says:

    Where can you get the Great Britain leotard ?

  15. Leona Says:

    Where can you get the Great Britain leotard?

  16. Leona Says:

    Oh where else can you get one then ?

  17. Emma Says:

    Where else instead of Milano can you get it then

  18. charlotte755 Says:

    well i normally get my leotards 4rom milano, zone are rubbish and gk are to expensive but milano dont let u buy the pritty old 1s and u can get them in a diffrent colour but it doesent say wear!!

  19. charlotte755 Says:


  20. charlotte755 Says:

    yea wear do u get the great britian leotard them i really want 2 buy that 1!!!

  21. michael gardner Says:

    try snowflake designs for a great britian leotard.

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