The young US-girls are damn strong!

Wow! Kyla Ross, Sabrina Vega, Bridgette Caquatto and Alexandra Raisman made Martha very proud at the recent Junior Pan American Games.

All-Around results:

1. Kyla Ross, 57.400
2. Sabrina Vega, 56.250
3. Alexandra Raisman, 56.200
4. Bridgette Caquatto, 55.875

Except for Raisman on beam (5th place behind Sofia Gomez (Guatemala)) and Caquatto on floor (5th place behind Anysia Unick (Canada)) they didn´t let any other gymnast pass them in the individual events qualifications.

UPDATE: They finished 1-2 (two gymnasts per country) in the event finals as well. Except for Vega who placed fifth on beam.

1. Alexandra Raisman, 14.700
2. Bridgette Caquatto, 14.238
3. Dominique Pegg (CAN) 14.075

Uneven Bars
1. Kyla Ross, 14.150
2. Sabrina Vega, 14.100
3. Monica Yool (GUA) 13.425

Balance Beam
1. Kyla Ross, 15.000
2. Sofia Gomez (GUA) 13.875
3. Anysia Unick (CAN) 13.225

Floor Exercise
1. Alexandra Raisman, 14.400
2. Kyla Ross, 13.800
3. Karla Salazar (MEX) 13.550

Check out the videos (Day 1) on YouTube.

Kyla Ross on balance beam (14.600) – Cleanliness in perfection!

Sabrina Vega on floor (13.650) – A great routine!

detailed results (AA), detailed results (EF) and more informations on usa-gymnastics

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  1. lynn Says:

    Does anyone know the name of this music? It is great!!!

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