EnBW World Cup & Championstrophy / Stuttgart

The 27th DTB-Pokal / EnBW World Cup, a category A World Cup, is coming up. This weekend a lot of gymnasts will travel to Stuttgart, the hosting city of the 2007 Worlds. FIG published the nominative entry list & as usual, many countries (34 to be exact) send their gymnasts to this competition. It´s definitly very well attended: 92 men & 47 women will compete.

I had the impression, that some countries send one or two well known gymnasts together with three or four “newer” ones.

Ana Porgras is the only female gymnast competing for Romania (on UB & BB). Russia has Ksenia Semenova and Kristina Goryunova both doing all four apparatus (UPDATE: Only Ksenia competed on UB and BB).

The big country who ignores this World Cup as every World Cup are the USA. Even China and Brazil let their gymnasts experience another big competition. And you cannot tell me that Brazil is nearer to Europe or that their gymnastics federation is richer than the American federation!

Italy is another country I´m missing.

There´s a good summary on the FIG-site as well as the complete entry list.

That´s for Friday (qualifications) and Saturday (all 10 finals). On Sunday the last competition of the Champions Trophy will be held in the Porsche-Arena, too. Here´s the ranking after three of four events:

1. Maxim Deviatovski (RUS) 17
2. Fabian Hambüchen (GER) 16
3. Joseph Hagerty (USA) 15
4. Daniel Keatings (GBR) 14
5. Flavius Koczi (ROM) 12
6. Marcel Nguyen (GER) 11
7. Enrico Pozzo (ITA) 7
8. Nicolas Böschenstein (SUI) 6
8. Helge Liebrich (GE) 6
10. Philipp Boy (GER) 2
11. Benoit Caranobe (FRA) 1
11. Cyril Tommasone (FRA)

Fabian Hambüchen wants to compete after he just injured his foot during podium training at the Worlds. Well, it´s about a lot of money (15.000 Euros) and a new Mercedes SLK 200 worth 50.000 Euros.

On the left: The cup for a single victory and the overall victory. Whom do you want it to win?

I´m pretty sure there will be a German Live-Ticker for both competitions and a part of the Champions Trophy will be transmitted by national TV. So look out for a competition report!

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