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November 24, 2009

In four days (28 November) the Deutsche Turnliga final competition will be held in Karlsruhe including some famous gymnasts. The German clubs KTV Straubenhardt (Marian Dragulescu, Fabian Hambüchen, Marcel Nguyen, Niki Böschenstein), SC Cottbus (Philipp Boy, Robert Juckel), TG Saar (Anton Fokin, Eugen Spiridonov) and EnBW Turn-Team Stuttgart (Thomas Andergassen, Sebastian Krimmer) will fight for the mens title.

Desiree Baumert, Maike Roll, Katja Roll (TG Karlsruhe)

On the women´s side EnBW TT Stuttgart-Ulm (Kim Bui, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Sanne Wevers) TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen (Adela Sajn, Maike Roll, Desiree Baumert) TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf (Joeline Möbius) and TG Mannheim (Elisabeth Seitz) qualified for the final.

external link (German) & more informations


Very cute Gymbo :-)

November 24, 2009

The Dutch Gymnastics Federations harbors the a little gymnastics crocodile named Gymbo.

Okay, he needs to work a little bit on his technique for the flic-flac, but isn´t he cute?

Click here for more Gymbos (& download him)!

WOW – The young Japanese girls are damn strong, too!

November 24, 2009

“this is sick…whatta amaizing skills she got…and insane combinations…awsome”

“She’s a baby!!!!!!”

“Is that really an Okino? It looks like double turn to me. She has great difficulty but that doesn’t mean a thing till she can clean it up. I hope she can make it to 2012.”

These are some of the comments under the YouTube-video of the 13 year-old Mai Murakami doing her balance beam routine at the 2009 Japan Nationals.

Mai mounts with a round-off layout, she does a full twisting layout, a switch ring leap, a triple turn (has to stop after 2.5) & I think she wanted to connect it into a layout step-out, a free aerial cartwheel connected with a sheep jump, dismount: triple full. Yes, she has some wobbles, but hey, she is capable of stuff other gymnasts just can dream about. (D: 6.4)

And she perfects the quickness of all “near-the-beam-poses” I´ve seen.

Check it out for yourself:

Her floor isn´t bad either: double layout, double twisting double back, full twist fw. into 1.5 twists fw., triple twist… (D: 5.9)

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

But back in my mind, I´m nevertheless thinking about all the hours of hard training she already must have spent in the gym at her young age. Let´s hope she is talented, consistent and passionated about the sport she grew up with. So we will actually see her in London.