WOW – The young Japanese girls are damn strong, too!

“this is sick…whatta amaizing skills she got…and insane combinations…awsome”

“She’s a baby!!!!!!”

“Is that really an Okino? It looks like double turn to me. She has great difficulty but that doesn’t mean a thing till she can clean it up. I hope she can make it to 2012.”

These are some of the comments under the YouTube-video of the 13 year-old Mai Murakami doing her balance beam routine at the 2009 Japan Nationals.

Mai mounts with a round-off layout, she does a full twisting layout, a switch ring leap, a triple turn (has to stop after 2.5) & I think she wanted to connect it into a layout step-out, a free aerial cartwheel connected with a sheep jump, dismount: triple full. Yes, she has some wobbles, but hey, she is capable of stuff other gymnasts just can dream about. (D: 6.4)

And she perfects the quickness of all “near-the-beam-poses” I´ve seen.

Check it out for yourself:

Her floor isn´t bad either: double layout, double twisting double back, full twist fw. into 1.5 twists fw., triple twist… (D: 5.9)

Click play or watch it on YouTube.

But back in my mind, I´m nevertheless thinking about all the hours of hard training she already must have spent in the gym at her young age. Let´s hope she is talented, consistent and passionated about the sport she grew up with. So we will actually see her in London.

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