Gymgala 2009

Christmas break is the time when even the superhuman, everyday training gymnasts take a break from their passion and enjoy some days with their non-gym-family. Every gymnast? No, a little group of athletes resists and decides to perform to our all pleasure even in the late December.

Gymnastic fans can visit several gymgalas, for example the Dutch Gymgala Van Vlaanderen presents all kinds of high-class gymnastics:

  • ARTISTIC: Yann Cucherat (FRA), Krisztian Berki (HUN), Ana Porgras (ROU), Anna Myzdrikova (RUS), Aagje Vanwalleghem (BEL)
  • ACROBATIC: European Champions Julie Van Gelder & Menno Vanderghote (BEL)
  • RHYTHMIC: European, World and Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva (RUS)
  • TUMBLING: Andrey Krylov (RUS)
  • TRAMPOLINE: Yuriy Nikitin (UKR)…

I personally love the acrobatic group exercises. Click play or watch it on YouTube:

The 2007/2008 exercise isn´t bad either.

2009 photos

(foto: Volker Minkus)

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