Gymnastics blogs

UPDATED Feb/2011

There´s a lot going on in the world of gymnastics and fortunately a lot of people are blogging about all the exciting news to keep gymnastic fans everywhere up-to-date. My aim is to give you a pretty complete list of (English) blogs in the internet. So let´s start:

  1. Gymnastics Coaching – It´s (one of) the biggest gymnastics blog in the internet with more than 4000 posts! Chapeau! He has always something new to tell about all kinds of gymnastics as well as a pretty good list of gymnastics pages. Of course he writes a lot about coaching, too. 🙂  “ is edited by Rick McCharles from Canada. He is a career gymnastics coach and an occasional consultant to talent scouts with Cirque du Soleil.” (About)
  2. The Gymblog / Gymnastics Examiner Blythe Lawrence surely has a pretty long list of posts, too. It was the first gymnastics blog I started reading… till today. She posts every important news, or about gymnastic skills, competitions etc.
  3. The Couch Gymnast – That´s a great blog with a lot of funny posts (best/worst leotard contest or writing, what the gymnasts really said) but also very interesting reports about gymnasts from different countries. And I absolutely loved the reports about the 2009 Worlds. Self-disclosure: “I am a self-confessed Gymnastics Couch Potato who never got to do the sport outside of school and the backyard lessons my next door neighbour gave me. I learned everything I know about the Code of Points from Lyssenko of You Tube gloriousness. And I love women’s gymnastics with a passion most of my fellow countrymen reserve for Australian Rules Football!”
  4. Gymnastics – A lot of good stuff about the US gymnasts and gymnastics in general. Amy Van Deusen: “Gymnastics is an incredibly fun sport whether you’re a participant, a coach or a spectator. My goal is to improve your experience in gymnastics — whatever it may be!” (About)
  5. Admiring Gymnastics From Afar – New Zealander Kary Kleiner blogs since June 2010 about gymnastics music, why she loves gymnastics and reflects about the last year. She doesn’t post daily but regularly.
  6. American Gymnast – Andy Thornton has innovative ideas (made his own CoP), good analysis (World/Olympic Format) and a lot more!
  7. Apex Technical Corner – Geoffrey wants to share some technical knowledge with parents and gymnasts (e.g. handstands, CoP…)
  8. Australian Gymnastics Blog – Everything you want to know about the Australian stars of gymnastics. This blog is always really up-to-date!
  9. Body Rhythm – Figure Skating, Dancing (DWTS!) & Gymnastics!
  10. Chinese Gymnastics – Finally we have an English blog about Gymnastics in China which informs us about the current national team members, publishes pictures and videos of the Spring Festival…
  11. Double Front – A very professional looking website with news about elite gymnastics meets, NCAA, the Olympics… Double Front started two month ago and is not just a normal gymnastics blog: By posting on her blog, Kristal S. Boulden also wants “to understand the intersection of artistic gymnastics, digital culture and social media“.
  12. Elite Gymnastics Stars – “a look at the world of gymnastics from outside the box.  Okay – WAY outside the box.”
  13. Exclamation Points – “The purpose of this “blog” is to increase and refine our knowledge of coaching strategies, biomechanics, and drills for the sport of Women’s Competitive Gymnastics.” But you can also read about perfection, gymnastics meets and elements. Especially active gymnasts can get good advice how to improve their performances.
  14. Fangymnastics – Romanian gymnastics blog – Everything you want to know about the Romanian stars of gymnastics (some posts are Romanian).
  15. Full In Full Out – “News, updates & speculation, peppered with my mostly informed opinion, about women’s artistic gymnastics.” – I couldn´t have said it better. Click to see the Fiercest Bitchfaces.
  16. Full Twist – A regularly updated blog which you should really check out.
  17. Gimnastas – Good Spanish gymnastics blog. Here´s a nice post about gymnastics in commercials with another clip (for Samsonite) I didn´t know.
  18. GK Elite – All about the leotards and the gymnasts who wear them.
  19. Going for Gold – The Home of Gymnastics, Figure Skating and other Olympic Sports.
  20. GRACEful Gymnast – “I am a region 2 coach and gymnast. Currently coaching at Grace Gymnastics and healing from an injury. I am absolutely OBSESSED with gymnastics related anything!” Read what she has to say about Al Fong, Ivana Hong & gymnasts who train with injury.
  21. Gymfever (editor recently changed the blog’s name) – A newly found (see comments) Romanian blog. Though I don´t know the language, I really liked some new photos of Khorkina wearing black fashion or a great collection of Romanian leotards.
  22. Gymnastics and Stuff – Good blog about elite gymnastics with a lot of great pictures.
  23. Gymnastics Leotards – All about girls gymnastics leotards.
  24. Gymnastics Meet Reviews and Tips – “If you’re anything like us, we spend a few thousand dollars a year traveling to meets, not to mention the rest of the costs. I will share with you the information I use to save money, keep trips enjoyable and turn some of them into ultra mini family vacations…” (What this Blog Covers)
  25. Gymnastics, No Ceiling – Features female Romanian gymnasts (in English).
  26. Gymnastics Perfection – A very new blog (3 posts so far) that follows the news and events of gymnastics.
  27. Gymnastics the Great – Nicole writes about US gymnastics, equipment, why you should put your child into gymnastics, Shawn Johnson…
  28. GymNiceTic – 😉
  29. Gymtruthteller – The title of the blog describes exactly the bloggers way of writing about gymnastics: “I have an opinion and I am not afraid to use it. If you don’t like that don’t read my blog. (About)” or “…if you want 100% honesty and no bias then stop here at my blog. I will hold NO punches…”
  30. I-Gym – (short for Internet Gymnastics) Chrissy (mother) and Ben (son, eight years old) from Scotland started writing about gymnastics in January 2011.
  31. It’s About Artistic Gymnastics – Since September 2009 Norma puts tons and tons of photos on her blog.
  32. Level 4 and Rising – “To share, commiserate, and celebrate the thrills and spills of coaching gymnastics, especially the compulsory and prep-optional levels. Upward we go!” – some funny gym-dialogues among other things
  33. littlemissgymnast – Sarah had the great idea to start a blog about the up and coming new talents in the gymnastics world.
  34. Mielastic Gymnastic – This blog (formerly ChimGym and then Keishlieta Gymnastique) already exists since two years but it never came under my radar.
  35. Official Website of Sho Nakamori – ´Follow Him Follow His Dreams: Olympics 2012.´
  36. Recreation Gymnastics – Rick from GymnasticsCoaching just opened this new blog about recreational gymnastics and has already posted a lot.
  37. Rewriting Russian Gymnastics – “Personal reflections on the beautiful Russians – repository of links and references – reviews of the literature and media – contemporary and historical issues relating to Russian women’s gymnastics.”
  38. Spanny Tampson’s Big Fake Smile – I love this funny & ironic blog, the gymnastic-themed-cakes, and especially all of the gymnastics montages! My favourite: The Gymnast is a Vamp, She’s a Vixen Not a Tramp – check them all out on the YouTube-channel!
  39. StickItMedia – Men´s Gymnastics in the USA.
  40. STOI! – I guess you all know Bronwyn and Clara’s blog which started in November 2010. They write mainly about Russian gymnastics – it’s funny and they always have a strong opinion.
  41. The All Around – Covers a lot of big gymnastics competitions (World Cups, Worlds, Olympics…).
  42. The All Around – Amy who works for Gymnastike just started her own blog.
  43. The Split Leap – The blogger’s effort to compile a list of results and linked videos of the US Junior Nationals 2010 really impressed me.
  44. The World of Gymnastics – Gives some basic informations about the apparatus or how to select a music or leotard.
  45. Tsukahara tucked – A Spanish blog about elite gymnastics. The blogger lives in Argentina.
  46. wild/precious – Not all of Vanessa’s posts are about gymnastics, but I especially liked the portaits she did at U.S. Nationals 2010.
  47. World Gymnastics – Mainly about American elite & college gymnasts.

“Old” gymnastics pages, not updated since January 2011:

  1. addicted2gymA college gymnast who started her blog fresh in 2010 after almost one year of absence.
  2. All Gymnastics, All the time
  3. Ask Al Fong – Dragon Gymnastics – You want to ask Ivana Hong’s former coach something? Or your just want to take a look at Vega, Ross & co. doing a light workout in the hotel corridor?
  4. Brazilian Gymnastics
  5. Coaching Gymnastics in the new Millenium – Self-description: “This blog is dedicated to the discussion of training strategies, development, and growth of the sport of artistic gymnastics.”
  6. Cosmic-Corinne – Did the blog “why i don’t like elfi schlegel” and in case you wonder, the blogger “still hate elfi schlegel”.
  7. Dead Hangs R Us – A relatively new gymnastics and figure skating blog: “This blog will be focused on both the classic and the lesser known routines.”
  8. Difficulty plus Execution – Not too many posts in the last months, but still worth to read. “For those of you expecting something intelligent, you will probably be very disappointed; all observations made are superficial, and dare we say ignorant, as the blogger knows nothing about the technicalities of the sport; she does not even know how to distinguish a Gienger from a Jaeger. But then, she believes that the true beauty of gymnastics comes not from the skills themselves but from the people who do them.” (About)
  9. Double Salto
  10. ET Gymnastics Coaching – Interesting thoughts and informations about his life as a coach.
  11. Folger’s Gymnastics – “Youth Sports Blog for Coaches, Parents, Gymnasts and Gymnastics Fans”
  12. Gymchat – Kayleigh´s last post is an essay entitled “Nastia Liukin – My Hero“.
  13. Gymnastics In Europe
  14. Gymnastics Issues – New interesting blog (see comments), writing for example about the high difficulty level for young gymnasts. The editor, a gymnastics coach and sport psychologist, is also the author of the blog “Gymnastics in Europe” (see above).
  15. Gymnastics: It´s an obsession – Good posts about US elite gymnasts & other famous gymnasts around the world.
  16. gymnicetics
  17. He Kexin = 14 – Will the blogger be consequent & change the title next year into He Kexin = 15? 🙂
  18. Inspired by Nadia – A Nadia fan who dedicated this blog to Nadia Comaneci and her Romanian fellows today.
  19. Japanese Gymnastics
  20. Kunstturnen – That’s my own brandnew blog about gymnastics in Germany & the world. It will be similar to GymNiceTic except for my goal to cover more German gymnastics news and of course the fact that it’s in German.
  21. Kyle Shewfelt – Olympic gymnast Kyle Shewfelt shares his thoughts with us.
  22. MunchTheSilivasFan – The 18-year old editor not only sweetens our gymnastics life with great montages on YouTube, but also started a blog recently.
  23. perfect 10
  24. perfection is possible
  25. Past & Present Gymnastics
  26. Piked
  27. Polished Gymnastics 101
  28. Shergymrag
  29. Should have been. A Blog about Gymnastics
  30. The C Score
  31. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Leotards
  32. The Gymnut
  33. Tkatchif-your-lucky – This and that about gymnastics.
  34. Triple Full – A lot of people loved this blog. Unfortunately there aren´t any new excellent researched articles since February. 😦
  35. Viola Roadkill
  36. why i don´t like elfi schlegel

Other gymnastics pages worth to watch:

  1. Couch Gymnast MagazineA new project of the one and only Couch Gymnast (blog above). Q&A, opinion, interviews, technicalities, features, quiz…and a lot more!
  2. Gymnastike – Gives us a fantastic inside look behind the doors of gyms in the USA. Technique Tuesday, Workout Wednesday and a lot of great interviews with elite gymnasts sweetens our week.
  3. Moss News – Gymnastics News – Wanna see all the new posts without opening every blog? Moss News collects them for you.
  4. International Gymnast – The online version of the gymnastics magazine.
  5. IG Online Forum – A lot of interesting topics are discussed in the International Gymnast´s Forum.
  6. Inside Gymnastics – Another gymnastics magazine.
  7. Gymnastics Results – Complete results of gymnastics competitions ready to download!
  8. GymSmarts Community – Compiles a number of coaches blogs, for example Mary Lee Tracy, Mas Watanabe or Tammy Biggs.
  9. Links to Gymnastics – Collection of links to videos, photos, rhythmic, artistic & acrobatic blogs…

I forgot a/your blog? – Please leave a comment!

An “old” blog should be switched to the “updated-blogs-section”? – Please leave a comment!

I wrote something absolutely wrong about a/your blog? – Please leave a comment!

I´ll keep this post updated!

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  1. (New) Blogs « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] Of course I’ll add them to my list of gymnastics blogs. […]

  2. Little Links 13/5/10 Says:

    […] on from GymNiceTic’s previous list of Gymnastics Blogs, there are some new blogs to be found! Thanks a million for this artistic […]

  3. Sarah! Says:

    How about

    It’s something different.


  4. Sarah! Says:

    Thank you!

    Elite Gymnastics Stars

  5. gymnastics TV commercials – Audi — Gymnastics Says:

    […] Gymnicetic) Print […]

  6. gymnastics blogs — Gymnastics Says:

    […] Gymnicetic compiled a good list of active gymnastics blogs. […]

  7. Andrew Foss Says:

    Its corporate, but there are constant updates about what is going on in gymnastics, with the US National Team, International Teams and other gymnastics news.

  8. katrina Says:

    Body Rhythm:

    I try to split my sports evenly

  9. Nicole Cooper Says:

    Great List:) There are few on there that I had not seen before. Please add mine to the list. I began the blog early this year and am just now adding to it everyday and trying to make it a great blog site! Check it out.

    Gymnastics the Great


  10. Em Says:

    The thrills and spills of coaching lower level competitive gymnastics.

  11. Geoffrey Taucer Says:

    The Apex Technical Corner:

    It’s a technical blog aimed at parents.

  12. vanessa steck Says:

    I write frequently about gymnastics and have done some good interviews (recent: Burdette; upcoming: Miss Val) at

  13. Amelie Says:

    US gymnastics blog:

  14. funny gymnastics TV commercial — Gymnastics Says:

    […] Gymnicetic) Print […]

  15. New Gymnastics Blogs « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] GymnasticsCoaching linked to my list of gymnastics blogs, I got a lot of comments from new bloggers. Of course, I added them to the list. And I updated the […]

  16. Full Twist Says:

    Again, thanks for keeping Full Twist in there – wow my site has grown so much since you first linked to me 🙂

  17. do NOT tumble on Samsonite — Gymnastics Says:

    […] (via Gymnicetic) […]

  18. jesica Says:

    cute gymnastics t shirt:

  19. Gymnastic Rings Says:

    This list of gymnastic blogs is really helpful…a great resource…

  20. crystalgilhooly Says:

    Hello! Thank you for referring my blog “Exclamation Points.” Originally I had designed it to be a private blog for the gymnasts I was working with, but it has since attracted a diverse following. As a result, I have updated my description of the blog on the very first post, to make it more accurate to my goals.

    Once again, thank you, and I look forward to your posts,

    -Crystal Gilhooly

  21. New Gymnastics Blogs « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] are really new, some are a bit older. I collected them over the past month and added them to the long list of gymnastics blogs, which I also updated. Right now we have more than 40 blogs out there, which were […]

  22. CD Says:

    My blog is gymnasticsperfection

    It is verrrrrry new but I will update- please add mine in
    The blog talks about current gymnastics news/events and has my input on various topics

  23. Happy 2nd Birthday, GymNiceTic! + Best of « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] Gymnastics blogs […]

  24. Büyü Says:

    Great List:) There are few on there that I had not seen before. Please add mine to the list. I began the blog early this year and am just now adding to it everyday and trying to make it a great blog site! Check it out.

  25. christimceachern Says:

    1. My son just retired from level 10 gymnastics because he had to chose between high school golf and club gymnastics. With the closure of the men’s programs across the country, he felt compelled to chose golf. It is the right decision for him, but I am determined to get a spotlight on this sport so I wrote a upper-middle grade novel that is releasing this fall on the sport. Look for Strap Bar. I hope it grabs young men in 5th grade who are athletes and still looking for that perfect sport. Even if they eventually chose another sport like my son did, there is no better conditioning sport then men’s gymnastics. Hang in there guys.

  26. Kristin Says:

    Thanks for this site – there are loads of blogs I didn’t know about before!
    Please could you add our blog to your site? We are G-wiz Business Academy – Where Coaches Learn the Art, Science and Business of Gymnastics Coaching. We’ve got a blog with articles on various subjects, and lots of free material to help coaches improve their teaching in recreational gymnastics.
    Many thanks!

  27. Happy 3rd Birthday, GymNiceTic! « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] Gymnastics blogs […]

  28. Doain Smith Says:

    Day by day gymnastics increasing popularity. I love it very much.. My daughter is very interested in rhythmic gymnastics,She want to learn it . I am near the miami beach so I am looking for a gymnastics miami, Florida I know little about Miami gymnastics . So please help me to find out a professional gymnastics.

  29. FB Says:

    “The Elite Gymnast” is (or was, it’s private now) kind of disturbing–a lot of weird musings like XYZ AA winner in ’96 and ABC AA runner up in ’95 [generic examples] are lesbian lovers. I get that it’s trying to be funny but it’s actually genuinely creepy. Why is a gymnastic fan speculating about these athletes’ sex lives?? The last thing elite teenage female athletes need is to be objectified!

    Gymtruthteller has some interesting fodder but an *enormous* amount of the posters’ comments involve outright hatred toward certain gymnasts. There are posters who literally post nothing but nasty comments about gymnasts, their parents, their money situation, etc. A little snark is fine and gossip can be fun but endless bashing (and banning of commenters who post comments that are supportive of the bashed gymnasts–no bias? Please) gets really tiresome.

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